Time is more than something you have. . .

. . . it is also something you need to make.

I have experienced a shift of sorts in my understanding of “time”, I don’t profess to truly understand it or it’s effects on the world as we know it, but I think I now have a better grasp of what it means to me. When I started writing my books I was told that in the book world the concept of time slows to a crawl. It can take months, even years to finish a manuscript, which then goes to an editor, who needs time with it to work their magic, then a designer, whose time has not yet been measurable in anyone’s standards, they are just amazing in their own right and can do the impossible in whatever time it takes. Then off to the printer, and in “no time at all” you have your book.

Now, my question is; How much time does it take to get a book “out there”? I have been at it for three years, 5 volumes, 1 boxed set –Series One. Done. Now, I wait, and as I understand it I wait until I understand it better, when that happens I will let the universe know. Until then I keep doing what I’m doing and sharing my experience to others caught in the book warp; good things will happen, you just wait, you’ll see.


With all of the questions I have been asking myself about my time and my concepts of limits and unwritten rules, I find myself chatting more frequently with people in their own situations who are faced with their own concepts of time. We tend to agree there are pressures from society to “let go” and “move on”, and I ask; move on to what? Let go of what? Who wrote the book on the rules of time in situations of the heart and soul? When a soul we held dear in our hearts crosses over, is there a rule somewhere that states:

We must complete our passage to a place where we should be living comfortably without a soul we miss, by the second Tuesday of next week at any o’clock or we are no longer invited to compete in the human race.


We are all individuals, we are all unique, whether we are waiting for a book to be enjoyed, a painting to dry or a heart to heal, our concept of time is our own, there is no getting over, no moving forward, no letting go, until each individual chooses their own time, and in due time they will let the Universe know they are ready to BE who they choose BE once again.

If I had the power to make one wish come true, it would be a wish for all living things to make the time to enjoy the time they have on this colourful world we call earth. It is our chance to do the things we enjoy doing, to share in the happiness of simply being and to cast to the Universe enough smiles that it will take a lifetime to enjoy them all.

Take your time to see the things you really need to see

Make the time to be the you that you really want to be.





Is there a right time to write. . .

. . . yes, write now.


I promised myself when I got back from New York over a month ago that I would sit down and share my experience in writing, well, the intent was there. This was my second appearance at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the first was a year ago as a finalist for Best Cover Design Non Fiction, this year, two awards, Winner Best Overall Design Non- Fiction, and Finalist for the Gift/Specialty/Novelty category.

Yes, the “once in a lifetime dream” that rarely happens to most people, has happened twice in my lifetime… so far.

I am learning on this adventure, that “once in a lifetime” is only a saying, just words now that mean things can happen as often as you let them, if you put your mind to it. I had never written a book before, so that was a first, I had never submitted and won anything for books that I had written, so that was a first, and I had never created a boxed set of five volumes of books, submitted them, and won awards for them, so, that was also a first. All of these first events could very easily be “once in a lifetime” things, but for me they are now new achievements, challenges and milestones, on my adventure.

This time however my trip was even better than the first, I knew what to expect, I felt more at home in the Harvard Club (if that’s even possible) and I was relaxed. I was treated like I was special, (because I was special) in a room full of amazing, remarkable and talented people, we were all welcomed and our work was celebrated with applause, medals, certificates and pride. The evening was for ME, and of course every other author and writer in the room, but for a moment it was just me, and I will cherish that once, or should I say, twice in a lifetime moment.

No one should ever tell you that you can’t do something, because that just makes it a challenge, and if you don’t know something can’t be done then it becomes easier for you to do. I will continue doing things I have never done before, I will continue to do things for the first time, and with some positive energy and an optimistic outlook on life, I will continue to share my smiles with the universe. Wherever the awards are going to be, I would like to think I will take part again one day, because there should be no limits on how many times in a lifetime something wonderful can happen.

Writers should write and share their words, and positive people should smile, enjoy being you and whatever you do, make the joy of success last a while.



NGIBA_2015_Winner_RV - website IMG_1482

The reward for your efforts. . .

. . . is an award for achievement.


A year ago today, I received notification that my little book was a finalist in the http://www.indiebookawards.com/index.php for best cover design -non fiction. This was what I thought, to be the highest form of recognition a self published Author could ever receive, that is to be recognized by a group of his/her peers for the work he/she has accomplished. This was to me a once in a lifetime thing because I didn’t know then what I know now.

I know now that if you have a book inside you it should come out, if it comes out and gets to print it should be shared, if it is shared and recognized for an award then you should take that and run with it. Don’t stop trying, don’t stop writing, don’t stop sharing your work with others and for your own sake don’t ever stop believing you are worthy of recognition.

I speak from experience, as a year ago my recognition happened. I was then working on Volume III of my series, shortly after that Volume IV came out then in January 2015 Volume V and the slip case for the Series One Boxed Set. I submitted the finished set to the Indie Book Awards group because it was finished and because I was bursting with pride.

I received notification May 7th 2015 that my boxed set of books, BawB’s Raven Feathers Volumes I through V have been named Winner in the Best Overall Design category, and Finalist in the Gift/Specialty/Novelty category, a once in a lifetime achievement is happening again because I didn’t give up, I didn’t stop at “once”. I think life is two short for one, why can’t we achieve twice and three times in a lifetime? Why can’t there be no loss of forward momentum when it comes to our creativity? And why can’t we share it with everyone? If it is recognized, good for us, if it is appreciated, then even better, I won’t quit until I run out of words… and we know that won’t happen.

I would also like to take a moment to congratulate my dear friend Kyla McMullen, she has successfully published her first book “Warrior” and with a little nudging, submitted it to the Indie Book Awards group, Kyla received notice that her book was named Finalist in both categories she submitted to, I am very proud of her, and I know there is more to come.

I will share with you now another secret in the wind, I had the pleasure recently of meeting a very talented up and coming Author, her name is Jenn, and her book is in the editing stages at Faultless Finish Editing, and I have a very good feeling you will see it in print very soon, as will the wonderful group of esteemed judges at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

I am off to New York in a couple of weeks to share in my achievement, to mingle with other very talented authors, to share in the pride and to support the creativity of each of them. I will accept my awards with the biggest smile my heart can produce, I will be welcomed and treated with respect for being a writer, an author and a self-publisher in a room full of authors, writers and self-publishers, it will be a once in a lifetime event for the second time in my life.


The Universe knows when you are happy, it keeps your thoughts on track

You know when you’re putting positive out there, the Universe sends it back


My sincere thanks to all my supporters, all my friends, and to all of the friends I am destined to meet along my journey… you make this adventure real.




Share a smile with the universe. . .

. . .the universe will smile back.

I haven’t shared a smile on this page for a while, but what to me seems like only a heartbeat, is to the world, a month or longer. I don’t know for sure how that happens as my watch tells the same time as everyone else, my calendar has just as many days, yet I exist in a bubble. Well, in this bubble, when I get a minute, I share with the universe my thoughts on hopes and dreams, inspiration and encouragement. I have written about being real and following through, making dreams happen, and of course I have written about patience, and might I add, my lack thereof.

Over the last while a very dedicated team of professionals at New Shelves Books have been spreading the word of my little books, (BawB’s Raven Feathers) sending out for reviews and contacting buyers and stores all across the US, now i understand this process takes a while, in fact it can seem like forever, but in my bubble time passes differently, in reality things are moving very quickly. Yesterday I heard from Alyssa (New Shelves Books) and she shared with me the most wonderful reviews from one of the people she had reached out to; Erika Borsos, the review of Volume V is attached, the other four can be found at amazon.com, I am typing this post while wearing the biggest smile you could imagine, a smile I am proud to send out to the universe.

Bawb’s Raven Feathers Volume V: Reflections on the simple things in life (Volume 5) (Paperback)
Volume V completes this series of reflections on honest, truthful living. Robert Chomany provides inspiring insights into walking the path to create a spiritually fulfilling and satisfying life. In this last volume the author writes about these topics: Let Go, Journey, Be Present, Learn, Dream and Change. With simple but very effective clear prose and verse the author tackles big concepts by illuminating their meaning and message. He gives crystal clear understanding to the manner and means of living these concepts but the realization, awakening and desire must begin from within. With a preliminary discussion, that usually begins with a few questions, the author stimulates the reader to think about each topic and realize the importance of its expression in their own life. The reader is guided to realize everything is a choice and many possibilities of outcome and experience exist based on the insights and expressions of reality one chooses. The goal of living an authentic, honest, fulfilled and satisfying life is within everyone’s reach. Robert Chomany, aka “Bawb” provides much food for thought as well as action. It is a matter of choice. Anyone interested in living more fully and completely would benefit from reading this fine series of books. The reviewer received a complimentary book in exchange for this honest review. Erika Borsos”

Thank you Erika, these wonderful words mean the world to me.



The Mysteries of life. . .

. . .are not what they used to be.

While I was growing up I was filled with wonder and amazement, I was in awe of the ways of Mother Nature, what she could do with such precision and consistency. Then came the man made marvels, spaceflight, sliced bread, portable tape recorders and color TV. The mysteries of life were of a somewhat different nature; who made the sphinx and the pyramids and Stonehenge?

Now, however the mysteries of life include- where is the cloud? And why doesn’t my battery percentage show in my lock screen? Have I too become reprogrammed by the advancements of the electronic world, has nature taken a step back from the constant bombardment of newer, better, faster things, has the glisten of dew on a spider web in the morning sun been replaced by the bling on a new cell phone case?

Fortunately for me, no, I am still in the flow of nature’s energy, I can “forget” my cell phone at home and not panic and a walk on a path surrounded by trees beats a video game any day. This of course becomes evident every morning when I share my smiles with the universe, yes I know it’s taking advantage of social networking, but I believe one foot in tomorrow and one foot in today keeps me grounded in the moment. I have learned from my yesterdays and I cherish the lessons, but I don’t dwell there, I adapt.

As an Author and a writer I have to, the days of clacking out a book on an Underwood, submitting it to a publisher and hoping someone sees it are long since gone, today you type it out, get it edited, designed, printed and publish it, then market the heck out of it using every available resource, and more. Which brings to mind a new mystery for me, if a book is self published and is distributed through bookstores as Print On Demand, how does it get noticed if it’s not on the shelf?

I am still in awe of life’s mysteries, the fact that there are more of them these days definitely keeps ones mind active, and I suppose if we allow ourselves room to grow we will develop a new perception of what might be. The writer in me however will continue to feel the excitement in holding a hard cover book in my hands, especially a hard cover book that I have published, no mystery there.

There is no mystery behind what a smile can do

It can always improve the first impression of you.




When you pick up a pen. . .

. . . stories will happen.


If you have been following me for a while you would have discovered that I am not a writer, although my proofreader Carrie and my editor Rachel would argue this. I do indeed write, every morning at 0600 in fact. I write my inspiration and send it to the universe, so, for the sake of argument over semantics, in MY mind a writer is someone with a creative flair who can wield a pen like a sword, and carve a story out of a thought or a memory.


However, having said that, when I don’t write in my blog for a couple of weeks I actually miss writing, and at this point I must apologize, I still remember fondly the art of using a pen, actually writing, in fact I have had the pure pleasure of experiencing the feeling, and hearing the sound of writing with a quill and ink, calligraphy, it was very relaxing and it was a remarkable release of creative energy, but, no one read what I wrote, they were stories I wrote to myself and then tucked away… yes, stories happened.


So now I write, watching the words form on my Mac, letter by letter, corrected, highlighted, spaced and checked, sure, they are my words but I am hung up on the term “writer”. I wonder if one day in the not so distant future, they will change the title of writer, to “someone who has typed a book”. 🙂


Update now on BawB’s Raven Feathers, I am absolutely overwhelmed with the activity the Box Set is creating, my numbers are growing on Goodreads, the reviews I am getting from those that have taken a moment to share, are supportive and positive. I am in a very good place emotionally these days because I finished this part of my adventure. I was terrified, I had no idea what to expect but I pushed through, with the support of my friends and my book family, WE created a beautiful gift of inspiration wrapped in a glossy white graphically pleasing slipcase.


Will I continue? Well if my most awesome editor has anything to say about it, yes, we will create Series Two over the next few years, once the dust settles from this adventure I will begin the next, so I sit now pen in hand… oops… I mean keyboard at the ready, to embark on a new adventure along a now familiar (but still very exciting) path.


Follow through on your journey, with every step you will take

attach a smile to the memories, your adventures are going to make.






You can feel the excitement. . .

. . .because you create it.


Today I sit on the doorstep of my future, the door is wide open, because I opened it. My future will be, by design, the future I would like to see because I designed it. Well, truthfully, I would like to see what I have designed become reality, but that would mean my little book needs to be successful out there, and so far it’s doing really well.


But it doesn’t stop there, I have learned there is more to this writing thing than just writing and publishing, there is now a new appreciation of others that have written or are writing a book. I feel some sort of camaraderie, a bond of words and actions that create a friendship in the same room or across an ocean. The events in this adventure have happened slowly, first the writing and illustrating then editing, designing, printing, publishing, sure, it sounds fast written in a sentence, but it has taken 3 years to arrive here, and now that I am here I am seeing and sharing smiles with others just like me.


Allow me to share an image I just got in my mind, I started this adventure at the bottom of a mountain, I had no idea how high this mountain was because half way up there was a layer of clouds, I couldn’t see through them, no worries, I started climbing anyway. Sure enough I came to the clouds I had no idea what to expect but I knew which way was up so I kept climbing, the clouds dissipated, I could see the top of the mountain and now I start to see other climbers, others like me that have started there own adventure and chose to climb through the clouds.


At this point I will be honest with you, I may not reach the top of this mountain, but I will never stop climbing and enjoying the view from wherever I am, and just so the universe is aware that I’m putting it out there, I would love to reach the top and place my flag…uh… books, among the many other amazing authors that have preceded me.


Until then, I will smile with those that have made it through the clouds on the same mountain, Kyla McMullin – Warrior, Patricia Lee Como – 21 Days in Maui, Patricia Klinck – Each Step is the Journey… and I have met so many more wonderful up and coming authors and writers. I will continue to meet more on this adventure, and I will continue to climb while keeping the horizon always in my view, together we will give the world something to read and together we will share the smiles of our successes, and the lessons of our successors.


Success can be measured on an outcome that you set,

and should be based on the enjoyment that you get.







Happiness is sharing things. . .


. . . the things that make you happy.


Since I started this adventure three years ago I have spent a great deal of time learning about things I knew nothing about. One of the things I was taught along the way was to notice subtle changes, the little things, and appreciate all the forward movement I could generate. So my marketing person Beth with Author Connections took a great deal of time and patience to explain to me the benefits of social networking, “get out there” she said, “join all the sites that have anything to do with books and authors, and make yourself known”. Well at first I didn’t understand quite what it meant, but I did what I was told, and I pursued all the sites I could find.


One of the first was Goodreads , I signed on in December of 2012 with my first book BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol I, I had no ratings, no followers and no idea where any of this would go. Today I have had 5 giveaways and I am currently featuring my 6th, with over 2300 people requesting one of my books, add to that 952 people have my little book on their “to read” shelf, I have a 4.81 avg rating, and so far I have received very positive reviews from those that have read and enjoyed my books… these things make me happy.


Another of the things I was told to work on was my blog page, this very blog page, my third anniversary on WordPress was December 15/2014, and at first it seemed like I would never finish what I had started, what I didn’t know then was that there is no finish line, no end, there is only writing or not writing, sharing my thoughts or thinking them to myself, well, the numbers are in, I passed the 500 likes mark, I have written 110 pages and I have 123 followers out there and it keeps growing every week…these things also make me happy.


My box set sales are doing very well and my stores here in Calgary are all selling my little books, every month more smiles are shared and more people are talking about it. I found out today that my little book is finding its way into Schools and learning facilities because it shares the beauty of life and inspires using my poetic quotes that are grounded and life affirming, to simply believe in being happy being who you are… these things make me very happy.


But, truth be known, between you and me, I think the thing that makes me the happiest is being able to share these things with you, and by you I mean whoever it is that reads these pages. I hope to inspire anyone out there that has just started on an adventure and isn’t sure what to expect, well, my advice to you is expect nothing and you will never be disappointed, and for goodness sake, enjoy the little things that make you happy, then share your happiness, it really is contagious.


Take the time to appreciate all the things that you can do

All the things that make it easy to be happy being you.





I wish I knew what I didn’t know. . .

. . . when I started to learn what to do.


We all start out a new challenge or a new task by wondering what it is we don’t know, how much will we need to learn to become if not proficient, then at least capable in the shortest time possible. I am sure in the 100+ blog pages I have written I must have said this before, but the most important lesson I have learned is to ask the questions to find the answers. The only silly question you have is the one you didn’t ask.


I speak specifically today to up and coming authors, first book publications, self published works, you all know who you are, and if none of you read this then your friends that do can share it with you. Life really is simpler these days, as all it takes is going to Google and asking your question, BUT, the pages of responses you see flash up before you must be filtered and sorted by you, to find the answer that best resolves or even closely resolves your question.


What you may not know is that behind every answer to every question is someone else’s perception of the reason you asked the question in the first place. If you wake up each morning and you are stuck on the fundamental question “ why am I here?” then the answer is obvious, you’re here to ask questions, if however you wake each morning with “ah ha… I get it now!” then you are here to answer them.


My favorite question lately is “how can I help?” and of course I can answer it now, I can help by sharing, with the inspiration in my books and with each page of my blog. Each time I post a page I wonder who might read it, will it help, will it persuade someone else to write and share what they know, could my pages possibly point someone in the direction of my editor, who would gladly take a moment to look at their project and help them with a Faultless Finish to their work, or my designer whose wealth of knowledge could make a simple project into a remarkable one.


Each of us has something we can share that could help someone if they should ask, but the most important, most over looked thing we all have is the smile we share when we first answer their question, because that smile will let them know their question was heard and its always ok to ask.


Ask those questions you’re afraid to ask, most have been asked before

Prepare yourself for how good you can do, if learning is no longer a chore.






Today’s path will take you into tomorrow. . .

. . . if it’s the same path you walked on yesterday.


So here I go, a new beginning to a now familiar path. Series one of BawB’s Raven Feathers was such a fabulous learning experience; I have met so many new people and learned a great deal about writing and self-publishing. Three years ago I couldn’t have told you what an ISBN was, now I have a bank of them for my upcoming projects, three years ago you could have entered my name on Google and you would have seen one or two items come up, now you will see one or two pages of reference to my books and tours and accomplishments.


Where do I go from here, what’s next, how soon? still I am learning every day, still I communicate with the people that guide me on this path, to share with them my ideas and listen intently to the advice and opinions they share back. Will there be a series two? Yes, I think so, the material is there, my editor and designer are excited about it, and I’m thinking I can’t quit now, it feels like I am just getting started.


Is it just me or do we seem to get a little more artistic as we grow older, painters paint, writers write, musicians play and overall, life after 50 just seems to get more graceful. We are in less of a hurry to live it, we no longer rush our time away by waiting for the weekends, instead we can find a way to relax on any day we happen to be in. Having said that I am guilty of saying I am almost 60 as my 57th birthday approaches, no, I’m not in a rush to be 60 but I do understand what it means to cherish the time I have left, 90 is a long way off from where I’m standing, but really, I can see 60 from here, and I love how it looks.


So I will start my year off with a positive blog, filled with inspiring energy for all of the artistic souls out there, young and old, fill your brushes with paint and create images of wonder, fill your pages with words and inspire readers to read. Take on your challenges this year with a desire to accomplish something different, keep your goals achievable, if you fail, learn from the lesson, when you succeed, share the excitement.


I will be following this familiar path to unfamiliar places, I will continue to share my smiles with the wind and I hope one day to see more of you sharing your smiles in whatever way makes them happen.