In order to move forward. . .


. . . first you have to move.


Some might think that if you are simply moving, you are successfully moving forward, but this is not necessarily the case. I like to look at moving forward as something that requires the three Ps: persistence, progress, and pleasure.


Having a dream or a goal isn’t enough—you have to want it, and you have to want it badly enough to be persistent, which may mean failing as much as succeeding. Failing is perfectly acceptable. Failure teaches us that in order to succeed we should be persistent. Progress is evident when what you  are accomplishing now overshadows what you accomplished yesterday. Pleasure, well, if what you are being persistent at shows signs of progress, this should bring you pleasure. Sounds easy enough, right?


Why then do we struggle with things that rob us of our enjoyment, that stop us from moving forward? Why do we simply accept that life is what it is and choose not to change it? I have had such an eye-opening experience over this last year. Incorporating the three Ps has changed my life, and the lives’ of others as well. The wonderful people I am meeting are all being affected by my persistence. I can seem overbearing at times because I need to know things, and I need to be a part of what is transpiring, but I can also be uplifting. I can spread my wings and soar high enough to see into next week.


I have measured my progress by my forward movement—slow amble at times, and light-speed at others. I have met with success in the production of my first book, and I have met with failure in the avenues of marketing and distribution. But most importantly, I have learned from my experience and have moved forward by being persistent and by meeting wonderful, energetic people who believe in me. These people have the skills and the wisdom to teach me new things, to guide me on my new path.


My pleasure comes from being me, and from following a path I choose to take with persistence. I am in control of my life at this point, and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am experiencing new emotions, breaking down the walls of an old box I used to live in, and welcoming all who join me on this, my epic journey.


Stars that hang up in the sky will shine for you at night

To inspire dreams that you may have and guide you with their light.