The Spirit of Christmas. . .

. . . lives in my Heart.


I awoke on Christmas morning the same way I have for some 20,800 previous mornings, give or take a leap year or two, I awoke with energy and the spirit of life in my heart, energy that is all of us, energy that is our belief, our ethics, out pride and our morals, but before all else could be thought of I awoke Happy to simply be.


I haven’t any needs or wants, I have no desire for any do-overs, I have Family and Friends, I have responsibilities and I have commitments. I have the present of presence, I open it every morning, no tree, no music no change and no difference, to me it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and in turn the smile it creates will radiate to others, a gift that keeps on giving… so to speak.


This Christmas I had such warmth in my heart, I had time and calm balance to reflect, I smiled as I remembered Christmases past when I was little, sneaking down stairs to the tree and feeling the energy even then, I had no idea what it meant but I knew it was special… I knew there was more. This Christmas the “more” came to me, as I ambled down my hallway to the smell of fresh coffee and the never ending smile of my little dog Levi, I felt the love and energy of the universe, I have no tree, no lights, no music playing but it was all there, it was a Christmas of memories and it felt wonderful, like it was right there in front of me. It meant the world to me and I am so very thankful for having experienced it.


The spirit of Christmas that lives in my heart consists of all the smiles and laughter of the people from my life that have crossed, and all the people that still share it, those that make me smile when I think of them, because I know wherever they are they are smiling back. It is not just the spirit of Christmas for only a few days a year, but it is also the spirit of living, the essence of life, the giving and receiving of presence, every day of every year… and sharing a present that is the warmth of a smile.


This Christmas I was greeted in the mirror by the light of life, it reflected my successes, my learning and my encouragement, it was filled with kindness and caring and it is meant to be shared… the highlight of my Christmas this year was holding in my hands my Box Set of inspiration and smiles wrapped in word hugs that was created by the hands and hearts of many wonderful people, that I can now share with the world. This Christmas I was comfortable being me, and I am so very happy to share my world and my dream with all of you.


Find peace and balance in the days to come and in the year that follows, believe in you and believe in your spirit within.




What happens in a writers life. . .

. . .when a writer has nothing to write?


Well in this writers life it seems the weeks between the time the files for a book are uploaded to the printer and the arrival of the books are the longest weeks of your life. Now you can double the anticipation if it is December and you are hoping the books make it for Christmas, and believe it or not, you can triple the already overwhelming anticipation if you throw in something new, like a beautifully designed slip case that is going to enclose the five volumes of the first series of books you have published.


During these weeks that take forever, I find I am productive non the less, tweaking files for the paperbacks at Ingram Spark, chatting with New Shelves to make sure everything is in place for smooth and worry free distribution, planning a launch locally (without setting a time or place until I have my book in hand) creating a Pubslush campaign and a give away on GoodReads, submitting an entry to the Indie awards, posting inspirational quotes on Facebook every morning, trying to Tweet more and all without becoming a pest to those that share my path. Waiting can sometimes bring out my over anxious behavior when I have too much time on my hands.


So you want to be a writer, well for goodness sakes write, and when you think you have nothing to write about, I for one will know why. I speak from experience when I say you probably have more going on when you are not writing, then when you are fully immersed in the creation of your story. The tricky part is to find the time in your hectic life to sit and share what you are doing with the world, and to promote the calm non-stressed energy that the world thinks a writer emits… hehehe 🙂


In case I get busy 🙂  (I just checked my Friesens page, it says my books have shipped) I want to take a moment to Thank everyone for reading what I write, without you this would be a page of unseen words. I would also like to send a Smile and a Hug across the pond to Rachel Small, for her continuous remarkable work with bringing together the words in my little books, and a Hug and a Smile to Fiona Raven, for adding her energy and expertise to the design of my books, Smiles and Hugs to Beth Kallman Werner, for always being there with advice and support, Amy Collins, and her team of amazing ladies working with me to share my books with the world, The entire staff at Friesens Printing, for making all of my books look incredible, and to Carrie Mumford, for reading each book repeatedly, looking for mistakes that aren’t there, and finding them.


A huge Thank you goes out to the stores and shops that put my books on their shelves, their info is available on my webpage

As well as all the thanks and warm energy the wind can carry to all of the people in my life that walk with me on this path, support me and believe in me.


So you want to be a writer, then write, share your words with the world, send your smile out with the wind but always remember a book is the combined effort of smiles and energy shared right from start, the words that fill it, all the way to the end, the eyes that read it.








When you send positive energy to the Universe. . .

. . .the Universe will send positive energy back.


As I have mentioned quite often I have always been comfortable just being me, I am happy when I am in the company of my Friends, Myself or even just the Wind. In the last little while however I have been walking on a different path, one which requires more of a presence, more of an outward approach to being me. I have published 5 Volumes of BawB’s Raven Feathers, I have done several Launches, several Signings, made several appearances, I have met so many incredibly talented and wonderful people, and still nothing could prepare me for how positive I felt when i saw this:


Alyssa Livolsi from New Shelves Distribution put this together for my little books, and on this virtual tour it is my energy out there, it is my essence, my smile, my happiness, it is a dream becoming reality and I am positive it is the Universe reflecting back my energy. It is also (and this is very important) the proof in just what can happen when you believe in yourself, when you are positive about what you are doing, and when you are patient in your search to find the right people to help you accomplish your goals.


If you have been following my posts you would know I had no idea what I was doing when this adventure started, I have not been trained as a writer, nor have I spent a lifetime reading. I simply had a desire to share my smiles and my positive energy and the only way I could do that was to turn hugs into words to convey my message. I found a path and I followed it, in fact I am still following it, and it seems to carry on over the horizon, so that’s where I am headed. Along the way, the people I have met that believe in me and in my books, will continue to show me it is good to have a presence, to stand up and be proud and to continue to share what I am learning along the way.


I am writing these blogs to share with you the good things that have happened in my life because I believe in myself, and I also write these blogs to convince you that you are just as deserving of all the positive energy and good things you can handle, if you send positive out to the Universe, the universe will send positive back.


Find a path and follow it, you’ll see where it will lead

Believe in you and staying true and practice to succeed.







Because they cross the bridge. . .

. . . doesn’t mean they leave your heart.

I lost a brother recently, not one of blood but one of soul, we grew up across the street from each other in the 60’s when bonds were cast in stone and the closeness shared then was something that could never be severed. We stayed close for 40 years, inseparable at times, and then we each found a path to follow that separated us physically but never mentally. I thought about him often and wondered how he was doing, I would send him a smile in the wind and I was always comfortable knowing he got it, and he would send one right back.

Now I sit with a heavy heart, knowing his smiles will still come to me, but it’s different. I write every day about being positive, finding balance and happiness, how to look in the mirror and appreciate what you have and who you are, but I fall under the realm of perfectly normal when I can no longer look forward to physically seeing someone, I am sad, not in a negative way but in a selfish way. He is walking this part of his journey on his own and I will listen for the sound of his footsteps and his laughter… the sounds will never come.

The positive light that surrounds and shines through this negative cloud in my sky is that I am going to have a lot of friends waiting for me when I cross, and they better have my bike shined up when I get there 🙂 Vaya Con Dios my Brother.

On the book/brighter side of things, Vol V is in final edit stages and headed for design soon, I am thrilled with the flow on this one, Rachel has been awesome as usual and I am looking forward with a new excitement to see the box set of all five volumes together. My designer Fiona has mentioned she has not yet worked with a slipcover so she is thrilled to have the chance to put one together for me. The decisions I am making at this stage are purely my own, I plan on having some extra slip covers made for those who have followed me and purchased all the volumes separately, I just think it would be nice for them to have one as well, the box sets will be on the shelves for Christmas.

It’s funny but as I spoke above about feeling sad in a selfish way, I also feel sad in a positive way that this series of smiles is coming to a close, the last volume, it has been so remarkable these last two years, I can’t believe I got five volumes done. And now what? You ask, well I am putting together a coffee table book, then a children’s book, then if the world wants more word hugs and smiles to share I will continue with Vol VI through X of BawB’s Raven Feathers… my dream is not over yet, in fact it has only just begun.

Keep it real, whatever “it” is, don’t ever let go of your dreams

believe in you and being true, to life however it seems.




BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol I

BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol II

BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol III

Because I can write. . .


. . .does not mean I’m a writer.


It does mean I enjoy sharing my thoughts and my feelings, and similarly because I can speak certainly does not make me a speaker. In fact to be quite honest If I had any idea two years ago that becoming a writer and having the good fortune to publish my work would in turn ensue the underlying responsibility to now become a public speaker I would have chosen to stay silent and happy.


But enough of my silly quirks and unwarranted fears, I have done what many others have done, and what many others will continue to do, I have shared my thoughts and my feelings and now I must share myself with the world. In a good way of course, the world wants to know more about me, about BawB. Why the books? Why poetry? Where did it come from and where is it going? Not just the typical questions however, but also who is this BawB guy? Where did he come from? What makes him different?


Of course to convey this information, to answer the questions I need to talk, to people, lots of people in the same room… sighhhhhh… I need to read my own books. I need to believe in myself and reach inside for the confidence I tell everyone else to find inside them. Yes I am real and I do have the very same real issues as the rest of the world. When I am stressed I focus on why I should smile, when I am afraid I breathe in the fresh air of the moment to help me remember fear is a feeling of the moment not a way of life.


I attended an event at Shelf Life Books in Calgary, celebrating my recent award from Along with three other local authors; Naomi K Lewis, Rona Altros and Patricia Klinck, we were all requested to speak. We needed to celebrate what we did and share our thoughts and feelings with the room full of people. What made me feel better in that moment was, I was not alone. In fact, a lot of people have trouble speaking in public. It is not something we are all comfortable with but it is something we can do if we believe in ourselves and feel the energy of the people in the room, because they came to hear us share our words.


Being a writer certainly doesn’t make me a speaker, but I will get better at speaking about what I can write.





Bawbs Quotes (7)

While you are waiting for dreams to happen. . .


. . .you may miss the ones that are happening.


Today is a milestone for me, a day in which I can honestly say I have accomplished something I never dreamed I could do. Today I am writing my 100th blog page, yes I have sat and shared my thoughts with the universe (and anyone else that reads them) on 100 pages of text, each page filled with words, each page about nothing that meant much to the world but every page about something which meant the world to me.


I keep saying I am not a writer, and yet I write, I keep wondering what makes a good writer and I keep writing while I continue to wonder. It never occurred to me that I would be able to sit and compose a page about my life, nor did I think that the world was a place where people just like me enjoyed sharing their thoughts about their life. Two years ago was asked to start writing things on a blog page, “share with the world” they said, share with others that understand what you are writing. I found a very small part of a very big world, I found, a place where I could relax about not being a writer and I could learn from many others who were also relaxed about not writing.


It’s not just about the blogging however, it is about the dreams I/we share about writing books, the dreams that might one day come true, well, while I still may be dreaming of becoming a writer, what I have written is being read. BawB’s Raven Feathers is now an award-winning book being seen by readers who enjoy what I write, they enjoy the energy I share and they enjoy the design of the covers on my books. While I happily plunk away on the keyboard writing these pages and sharing my thoughts and my smiles, others are reading them and are now starting to share their reviews:


“Although I’ve never heard the author speak, I could hear what I imagined to be his voice in my mind while reading these words of wisdom. Turning the last page, I felt as though I had just finished sharing a moment with a friend.”…Libby.


This review is itself another Milestone in my life, it is the start of a new path, the path of a writer, the path of an adventure I never dreamed could take place, a dream I might have missed while I was waiting for dreams to happen.


I am a writer, a creator of questions a teller of tales, I have soared with the ravens and sung with the whales. I am a writer because I choose to agree that life has its moments and I share what I see.





A circle is a circle. . .


. . when ends of a line are connected.


I am not sure how to start this post, or what to call it. I am purging to the universe, starting a new year with a clean conscience.  Every morning I write inspiring things, motivational things, spiritual things. Every morning I sit at my computer with a smile. And every morning I’ve started my day bearing what I think may be a grudge.


grudge (ɡrʌdʒ)


  1. 1.     a persistent feeling of resentment, esp one due to some cause, such as an insult or injury


I write about believing and being, about breathing and smiling and releasing stress. And yet I’ve been weighed down by a feeling I can’t “let go” of.  So today I write to the universe with hopes of releasing the burden of hurt. I was hurt by words and actions that were not in my control but that could have been controlled by others.


“Let it go,” “forgive and forget,” “move forward to the future and leave the past behind”—I can’t. Instead, I will use these uncomfortable feelings in my heart to better myself. I will share my positive energy through experience, not just through words that look good on paper.  Life is full of energy, positive AND negative, and I believe it is necessary to embrace both. Light needs darkness, yin needs yang, positive needs negative.


The more I write, the more the universe listens. I believe in myself, in who I am. I believe in taking the path that leads me to growth. I believe now that my grudge has been lifted, but I will still be the man I am. I will continue to be hurt by the actions of others because I am human with a soul, and I am allowed to feel. I choose not to forget what has transpired because it keeps me strong, but I forgive myself for feeling because I am human. I will let go of the negative energy that surrounds the hurt, but I will remember the lesson I have learned about life, that is, sometimes you can forgive the action but you will never forget the reaction.


My series of books contain heartfelt inspiration pertaining to topics such as choice, challenges, balance, and strength. I face many of the issues I write about, but I continue to smile. I choose to share my positive energy with the world, and so can you.


Walk your path because you can, feel the joy of being you,

Do the things that make you happy, share a smile that is true.