A new adventure. . .

. . . always begins with the first step.

So here I am, sitting high up on the edge of success overlooking a scene of what my life will become, I am taking the first step to my new adventure. I realized a short while ago that I was there, that place which becomes familiar to artists and authors, people of all sizes and types and backgrounds with all sorts of talents. That place where dreams are so close to becoming reality that you can feel it, then reality hits and you realize that you are two nickels short of a dime to make it happen….

So you dig a little deeper and you don’t ever give up on a dream!!!


How do you know if you’ve missed a beat. . .

. . .if you haven’t danced to your own drum?


It has been a while since I have had a look at my Blog site, the stats are showing that people still trickle by and read what I have written, but, I felt guilty for not contributing for such a long time. I have followed others as they embark on this writing adventure and I am so proud of them and their creative energy, it just seems to flow once you are in the zone. I find myself struggling of late to find that zone, I still post my morning inspiration each day, but the writing I do for my books is not coming to the surface, I feel it, I just can’t put it into words.


I am not worried however, my incredible Editor Rachel Small keeps nudging me while she works on the content of the remaining volumes. That, as I have mentioned before is so important, to have a flowing, comfortable and copacetic working arrangement with your editor, no pressure, just an honest understanding of what’s involved with what you are writing. One day I will wake up and there it will be, on the surface, ready to type.


Now this is not to say I am not busy, quite the contrary in fact as I am busier now than when I was working full time. I have moved south of the city to escape the pressures of big city living, the traffic, the drivers, the lack of motivation, my life was becoming ritualistic, patterned if you will. Okay fine, I was in a rut, plain and simple.


So here I am in a different, calmer, more laid back environment where I find the time to concentrate on doing what the Universe wanted me to do; help others to help themselves. Currently I am still Co-facilitating my Literacy and Parenting programs in the city for the Further Education Society, as well as Mentoring the up and coming authors at the Oilfields High School in Black Diamond AB. The wind also led me to the FCSS in Claresholm where I am now working with an amazing group of Ladies that excel in sharing their kind energy to those that need support.


And if that’s not enough I am now the proud Papa to a very handsome black stallion named Dracula’s Raven, (he came to me named Dracula, I added the Raven to share my spirit with him) together we are working to build a bond and to share what we both know about life. Eventually he will be under saddle, which I will call a graduation day for us both, and we will ride off into the sunset.

Until that day I will continue to write, and I am learning as I live;

With each new day you share yourself in the smile that you give.




Imagine if you will. . .

. . . that we still have the will to imagine.


I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and no, that is not why I have been neglecting my writing. I have not been writing because I have had nothing to share. This is a Blog after all, it is an open forum to share our thoughts, the ones we think the universe would like to hear about, and although I have kept busy with things, the universe is a busy place, so I was being thoughtful.


I am engaged in a new program (Further Education Society of Alberta) at a local facility with my Mentor and Co-facilitator Lois, and in this program I am seeing things a little differently. The participants are an awesome group and enjoy the fact that we are there for them, but my outlook has changed. I am looking at life a little differently, or should I say a part of life, which I think we lose at a very early age. This part of life I am focusing on is our ability to use our imagination.


We lose our imagination when we start school, (in my opinion) we are placed at a desk among our peers and we are told to learn, and for the next 12 years straight our minds are filled with facts, figures, information and opinions, we lose our imagination completely. Oh I know we get caught day dreaming a lot, but that is not the same thing. Now, some fifty years later I am finally able to imagine again, to run through puddles like a grizzly chasing salmon, to see shapes in the clouds and imagine myself flying through them with outstretched ebony wings.


The “key” I think, to enjoying life and being happy is to simply imagine you are, but without the ability to imagine, we are doomed. I have the absolute privilege to have the opportunity to chat with some very wonderful people in my day-to-day adventures, and I am appreciating the fact that most everyone I talk to is thrilled to learn of my thoughts on our imagination. It seems as though all it takes is the simple turn of a tiny key to unlock a gift that each and every one of us is born with. Now if we can attach this tiny key to the smiles we share in the wind, the world will be that much happier.


On another note, my little books are now available (paperback editions) through Chapters/Indigo and Create Space (change the little grey box in the upper right from “site” to “store”)  and the Hard Cover Boxed Set of Series One is available at all the New Age, Spiritual, Mind and Body shops in Calgary and surrounding area. Please see my website for locations and stores. Plus I can share with the Universe that my little inspirational books have made it over to Japan, this is just the start of a wonderful adventure to come I imagine.

Stay tuned for information on Series Two.


If you want to find your happiness, just imagine that you are

Once you do it looks good on you, now its time to touch that star.






You can feel the excitement. . .

. . .because you create it.


Today I sit on the doorstep of my future, the door is wide open, because I opened it. My future will be, by design, the future I would like to see because I designed it. Well, truthfully, I would like to see what I have designed become reality, but that would mean my little book needs to be successful out there, and so far it’s doing really well.


But it doesn’t stop there, I have learned there is more to this writing thing than just writing and publishing, there is now a new appreciation of others that have written or are writing a book. I feel some sort of camaraderie, a bond of words and actions that create a friendship in the same room or across an ocean. The events in this adventure have happened slowly, first the writing and illustrating then editing, designing, printing, publishing, sure, it sounds fast written in a sentence, but it has taken 3 years to arrive here, and now that I am here I am seeing and sharing smiles with others just like me.


Allow me to share an image I just got in my mind, I started this adventure at the bottom of a mountain, I had no idea how high this mountain was because half way up there was a layer of clouds, I couldn’t see through them, no worries, I started climbing anyway. Sure enough I came to the clouds I had no idea what to expect but I knew which way was up so I kept climbing, the clouds dissipated, I could see the top of the mountain and now I start to see other climbers, others like me that have started there own adventure and chose to climb through the clouds.


At this point I will be honest with you, I may not reach the top of this mountain, but I will never stop climbing and enjoying the view from wherever I am, and just so the universe is aware that I’m putting it out there, I would love to reach the top and place my flag…uh… books, among the many other amazing authors that have preceded me.


Until then, I will smile with those that have made it through the clouds on the same mountain, Kyla McMullin – Warrior, Patricia Lee Como – 21 Days in Maui, Patricia Klinck – Each Step is the Journey… and I have met so many more wonderful up and coming authors and writers. I will continue to meet more on this adventure, and I will continue to climb while keeping the horizon always in my view, together we will give the world something to read and together we will share the smiles of our successes, and the lessons of our successors.


Success can be measured on an outcome that you set,

and should be based on the enjoyment that you get.







Today’s path will take you into tomorrow. . .

. . . if it’s the same path you walked on yesterday.


So here I go, a new beginning to a now familiar path. Series one of BawB’s Raven Feathers was such a fabulous learning experience; I have met so many new people and learned a great deal about writing and self-publishing. Three years ago I couldn’t have told you what an ISBN was, now I have a bank of them for my upcoming projects, three years ago you could have entered my name on Google and you would have seen one or two items come up, now you will see one or two pages of reference to my books and tours and accomplishments.


Where do I go from here, what’s next, how soon? still I am learning every day, still I communicate with the people that guide me on this path, to share with them my ideas and listen intently to the advice and opinions they share back. Will there be a series two? Yes, I think so, the material is there, my editor and designer are excited about it, and I’m thinking I can’t quit now, it feels like I am just getting started.


Is it just me or do we seem to get a little more artistic as we grow older, painters paint, writers write, musicians play and overall, life after 50 just seems to get more graceful. We are in less of a hurry to live it, we no longer rush our time away by waiting for the weekends, instead we can find a way to relax on any day we happen to be in. Having said that I am guilty of saying I am almost 60 as my 57th birthday approaches, no, I’m not in a rush to be 60 but I do understand what it means to cherish the time I have left, 90 is a long way off from where I’m standing, but really, I can see 60 from here, and I love how it looks.


So I will start my year off with a positive blog, filled with inspiring energy for all of the artistic souls out there, young and old, fill your brushes with paint and create images of wonder, fill your pages with words and inspire readers to read. Take on your challenges this year with a desire to accomplish something different, keep your goals achievable, if you fail, learn from the lesson, when you succeed, share the excitement.


I will be following this familiar path to unfamiliar places, I will continue to share my smiles with the wind and I hope one day to see more of you sharing your smiles in whatever way makes them happen.







The Spirit of Christmas. . .

. . . lives in my Heart.


I awoke on Christmas morning the same way I have for some 20,800 previous mornings, give or take a leap year or two, I awoke with energy and the spirit of life in my heart, energy that is all of us, energy that is our belief, our ethics, out pride and our morals, but before all else could be thought of I awoke Happy to simply be.


I haven’t any needs or wants, I have no desire for any do-overs, I have Family and Friends, I have responsibilities and I have commitments. I have the present of presence, I open it every morning, no tree, no music no change and no difference, to me it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and in turn the smile it creates will radiate to others, a gift that keeps on giving… so to speak.


This Christmas I had such warmth in my heart, I had time and calm balance to reflect, I smiled as I remembered Christmases past when I was little, sneaking down stairs to the tree and feeling the energy even then, I had no idea what it meant but I knew it was special… I knew there was more. This Christmas the “more” came to me, as I ambled down my hallway to the smell of fresh coffee and the never ending smile of my little dog Levi, I felt the love and energy of the universe, I have no tree, no lights, no music playing but it was all there, it was a Christmas of memories and it felt wonderful, like it was right there in front of me. It meant the world to me and I am so very thankful for having experienced it.


The spirit of Christmas that lives in my heart consists of all the smiles and laughter of the people from my life that have crossed, and all the people that still share it, those that make me smile when I think of them, because I know wherever they are they are smiling back. It is not just the spirit of Christmas for only a few days a year, but it is also the spirit of living, the essence of life, the giving and receiving of presence, every day of every year… and sharing a present that is the warmth of a smile.


This Christmas I was greeted in the mirror by the light of life, it reflected my successes, my learning and my encouragement, it was filled with kindness and caring and it is meant to be shared… the highlight of my Christmas this year was holding in my hands my Box Set of inspiration and smiles wrapped in word hugs that was created by the hands and hearts of many wonderful people, that I can now share with the world. This Christmas I was comfortable being me, and I am so very happy to share my world and my dream with all of you.


Find peace and balance in the days to come and in the year that follows, believe in you and believe in your spirit within.




Christmas is coming. . .

. . .and so are my books.

I am proud beyond words, excited beyond expression and smiling brighter than humanly possible to finally be in a position to offer the full completed box set of Series One of BawB’s Raven Feathers, I was told by my Marketing person Beth Kallman Werner of Author Connections to “get my books out there” and she said Pubslush is one of the best ways to do it properly and efficiently. So without any further hesitation I bring to you my smiles:


Please have a look, participate if you like or share if you can, one step, one day, one page at a time.




Once you focus on moving forward. . .

. . . it becomes your direction of choice.


I will be honest with the Universe today; I was worried that maybe all of my positive energy might not be enough to help me become successful as an Author. But I have learned recently that being successful is more the way you feel than the way you look. I have learned my little books have been used in programs to help inspire people, to point out to them their self-worth and give them strength to believe in themselves, and that in itself was enough to make my heart happy, but to bring even more light into my life, I have also learned that my life experience and my positive energy would be appreciated more if I would become a Facilitator, so after four and one half minutes of serious contemplation, I decided to jump into that new adventure, it feels like my calling.


So as of now my belief in myself is off the charts. Almost 3 years into this journey, I have five volumes of the first series BawB’s Raven Feathers published, paperbacks and e-pub editions being handled by a fabulous team of dedicated professionals at www.newshelves.com , a beautiful slip case designed to create a box set for the Hard Covers, and an award for best cover design, and what makes me the happiest overall is that my little books are making a difference in people’s lives, to me, that is being successful, that has made all of this effort worth every smile.


I will continue to move forward, my focus is fixed steady on the horizon, and I look forward to each new sunrise and each new adventure. Now in my dreams I see myself sitting in a room full of people, speaking to them, sharing with them my energy, and my belief in life, and if you knew me you would know that is a place I would not have believed I would ever be, but it is now a place where my energy should be, so that is where I will go. Sometimes a door opens to an opportunity and it is one you normally would have walked by because it was unfamiliar, well, everything is unfamiliar until you try it.


Am I successful as an Author? You bet I am! I feel like I have done the right thing, I believe writing these books was worth while for me and for those that read them, and that is all the success I need. Are you successful in whatever makes you happy? Of course you are! Because you are happy doing it, that is the biggest form of success, the reward you receive every day is the smile you share with yourself in the mirror, no one else has to see that smile, it is reserved for you to make YOU feel good, the world will then see the smile you share with them, and that makes them feel good.


Believe in you and what you do, is the secret to your success

Focus each day on feeling good and make every day your best.






Many paths present themselves. . .


. . . you choose the one you walk on.


I was in New York last week, attending the Next Generation Indie Awards and receiving an award, as a Finalist in the Best Cover Design – Non Fiction categorie. Was this a path I knew existed a year ago? Not a chance, this was a path I created for myself by believing in what I was doing and by listening to others that supported me and believed in me.


I am a writer, every day I sit at my Mac and I describe life using words to express what my heart feels, it’s kind of like explaining a color, but more the shade of a color in the sun. The believing in me part comes every morning when I see myself in the mirror and I smile back. That smile is my energy, energy that can be shared, energy that is in the wind as a smile shared with everyone. Now, me being in New York to receive an award for creating and sharing a book I wrote, that is something I am still trying to find the words to describe.


Let me first try to describe New York, Artsy, Alive, Alluring, Big, Busy, Beautiful, Captivating, Charming, Classy… Ok, well I guess there are words for that, but the event however took me to a level of pride and accomplishment that I have never been before, I’m sure if I searched the alphabet I would find a word or two, but feelings are a personal thing, we all feel differently and in this instance I felt overwhelmed and relaxed at the same time. The room was full of people just like me, they had all written a book, they all believed in themselves and what they are doing and they were all as proud as I was. I felt at home in a room full of wonderful strangers. It was such a pleasure to meet so many amazing people.


I am sharing this with you because I am like you, I write what I feel, I believe what I am doing is the right thing to do for me, and I will continue to do it because I enjoy it. If you are enjoying what you do, writing, drawing, singing, creating, then continue, express the you that is your energy and share it, send it to the groups and organizations in the world that appreciate and believe in you, listen to your friends that support you, if they say write a book then by all means write a book. Find an editor, share your work, take it to the next level don’t give up, don’t quit. Mom’s and Dad’s if your children want to express energy then encourage them, if they color outside the lines praise them for seeing a bigger picture, if they write you a story that doesn’t make sense use your imagination and praise them for sharing their words.


Don’t ever grow old because you can’t keep up on the path you are on, instead find a new path and set your own pace, write about life, write about color and feeling, write about what’s right in the world… then share it with a smile, because you can.


Believe in you…





What you think is a lull. . .

. . .is the storm you haven’t created yet.


I just got off the phone with my distributor. And boy am I excited! The company is New Shelves Distribution out of New York, and we are going to start working together closely and diligently to promote my books. Up until now I’ve been doing only 10 percent of what I thought was 100 percent, because I didn’t know then what I know now, and that’s this: just because your book or product is online somewhere doesn’t mean the public is going to see it. YOU have to market it.


I’m speaking for indie authors and artists because I have learned a little about the self-publishing world. Traditional publishing works differently—things are done for you, and you are told what to expect. Working independently, we indie authors need a lot of help getting started and then maintaining a consistent marketing approach. In my case, if all I wanted was a dozen stores to sell my hardcover editions, I would be doing fine. I wanted more—it’s a big world out there. So the decision was made to take the next step. I needed help.


I connected with Lyn Cadence of cadencepr.ca to help me promote my book locally, and, as I mentioned, Amy Collins from newshelvesdistribution.com to help me both on a grander scale of promotion and later with distribution. These two very important steps took me a very long time to come to grips with, as I hoped my little books would magically just start selling themselves all over the world. Well, not so much. In fact, they are only selling in the few stores I have them in because they can be seen there.


The blessing I will share with you all is the “family” I have working with me on this adventure. Without their support I wouldn’t be here at this level of “book awareness”: Rachel, my editor, Carrie, my proofreader, and Fiona, my designer. They give me all the help I could ever dream of having, and all are very capable, talented book people.


That, I suppose is the secret to moving forward, if there is one. When you get to a stage where you want to move forward, find the people who will listen, the ones who “get” what you are working on, and the ones who will support and walk with you on your adventure. Keep writing and keep believing that what you are writing, or for that matter, whatever you are doing, is what people want to see.


The pen is a weapon you hold like a sword—it can write whatever you choose.

It can turn your thoughts into a masterpiece and create unbelievable views.