Time is more than something you have. . .

. . . it is also something you need to make.

I have experienced a shift of sorts in my understanding of “time”, I don’t profess to truly understand it or it’s effects on the world as we know it, but I think I now have a better grasp of what it means to me. When I started writing my books I was told that in the book world the concept of time slows to a crawl. It can take months, even years to finish a manuscript, which then goes to an editor, who needs time with it to work their magic, then a designer, whose time has not yet been measurable in anyone’s standards, they are just amazing in their own right and can do the impossible in whatever time it takes. Then off to the printer, and in “no time at all” you have your book.

Now, my question is; How much time does it take to get a book “out there”? I have been at it for three years, 5 volumes, 1 boxed set –Series One. Done. Now, I wait, and as I understand it I wait until I understand it better, when that happens I will let the universe know. Until then I keep doing what I’m doing and sharing my experience to others caught in the book warp; good things will happen, you just wait, you’ll see.


With all of the questions I have been asking myself about my time and my concepts of limits and unwritten rules, I find myself chatting more frequently with people in their own situations who are faced with their own concepts of time. We tend to agree there are pressures from society to “let go” and “move on”, and I ask; move on to what? Let go of what? Who wrote the book on the rules of time in situations of the heart and soul? When a soul we held dear in our hearts crosses over, is there a rule somewhere that states:

We must complete our passage to a place where we should be living comfortably without a soul we miss, by the second Tuesday of next week at any o’clock or we are no longer invited to compete in the human race.


We are all individuals, we are all unique, whether we are waiting for a book to be enjoyed, a painting to dry or a heart to heal, our concept of time is our own, there is no getting over, no moving forward, no letting go, until each individual chooses their own time, and in due time they will let the Universe know they are ready to BE who they choose BE once again.

If I had the power to make one wish come true, it would be a wish for all living things to make the time to enjoy the time they have on this colourful world we call earth. It is our chance to do the things we enjoy doing, to share in the happiness of simply being and to cast to the Universe enough smiles that it will take a lifetime to enjoy them all.

Take your time to see the things you really need to see

Make the time to be the you that you really want to be.





The Mysteries of life. . .

. . .are not what they used to be.

While I was growing up I was filled with wonder and amazement, I was in awe of the ways of Mother Nature, what she could do with such precision and consistency. Then came the man made marvels, spaceflight, sliced bread, portable tape recorders and color TV. The mysteries of life were of a somewhat different nature; who made the sphinx and the pyramids and Stonehenge?

Now, however the mysteries of life include- where is the cloud? And why doesn’t my battery percentage show in my lock screen? Have I too become reprogrammed by the advancements of the electronic world, has nature taken a step back from the constant bombardment of newer, better, faster things, has the glisten of dew on a spider web in the morning sun been replaced by the bling on a new cell phone case?

Fortunately for me, no, I am still in the flow of nature’s energy, I can “forget” my cell phone at home and not panic and a walk on a path surrounded by trees beats a video game any day. This of course becomes evident every morning when I share my smiles with the universe, yes I know it’s taking advantage of social networking, but I believe one foot in tomorrow and one foot in today keeps me grounded in the moment. I have learned from my yesterdays and I cherish the lessons, but I don’t dwell there, I adapt.

As an Author and a writer I have to, the days of clacking out a book on an Underwood, submitting it to a publisher and hoping someone sees it are long since gone, today you type it out, get it edited, designed, printed and publish it, then market the heck out of it using every available resource, and more. Which brings to mind a new mystery for me, if a book is self published and is distributed through bookstores as Print On Demand, how does it get noticed if it’s not on the shelf?

I am still in awe of life’s mysteries, the fact that there are more of them these days definitely keeps ones mind active, and I suppose if we allow ourselves room to grow we will develop a new perception of what might be. The writer in me however will continue to feel the excitement in holding a hard cover book in my hands, especially a hard cover book that I have published, no mystery there.

There is no mystery behind what a smile can do

It can always improve the first impression of you.




The Spirit of Christmas. . .

. . . lives in my Heart.


I awoke on Christmas morning the same way I have for some 20,800 previous mornings, give or take a leap year or two, I awoke with energy and the spirit of life in my heart, energy that is all of us, energy that is our belief, our ethics, out pride and our morals, but before all else could be thought of I awoke Happy to simply be.


I haven’t any needs or wants, I have no desire for any do-overs, I have Family and Friends, I have responsibilities and I have commitments. I have the present of presence, I open it every morning, no tree, no music no change and no difference, to me it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and in turn the smile it creates will radiate to others, a gift that keeps on giving… so to speak.


This Christmas I had such warmth in my heart, I had time and calm balance to reflect, I smiled as I remembered Christmases past when I was little, sneaking down stairs to the tree and feeling the energy even then, I had no idea what it meant but I knew it was special… I knew there was more. This Christmas the “more” came to me, as I ambled down my hallway to the smell of fresh coffee and the never ending smile of my little dog Levi, I felt the love and energy of the universe, I have no tree, no lights, no music playing but it was all there, it was a Christmas of memories and it felt wonderful, like it was right there in front of me. It meant the world to me and I am so very thankful for having experienced it.


The spirit of Christmas that lives in my heart consists of all the smiles and laughter of the people from my life that have crossed, and all the people that still share it, those that make me smile when I think of them, because I know wherever they are they are smiling back. It is not just the spirit of Christmas for only a few days a year, but it is also the spirit of living, the essence of life, the giving and receiving of presence, every day of every year… and sharing a present that is the warmth of a smile.


This Christmas I was greeted in the mirror by the light of life, it reflected my successes, my learning and my encouragement, it was filled with kindness and caring and it is meant to be shared… the highlight of my Christmas this year was holding in my hands my Box Set of inspiration and smiles wrapped in word hugs that was created by the hands and hearts of many wonderful people, that I can now share with the world. This Christmas I was comfortable being me, and I am so very happy to share my world and my dream with all of you.


Find peace and balance in the days to come and in the year that follows, believe in you and believe in your spirit within.




Because they cross the bridge. . .

. . . doesn’t mean they leave your heart.

I lost a brother recently, not one of blood but one of soul, we grew up across the street from each other in the 60’s when bonds were cast in stone and the closeness shared then was something that could never be severed. We stayed close for 40 years, inseparable at times, and then we each found a path to follow that separated us physically but never mentally. I thought about him often and wondered how he was doing, I would send him a smile in the wind and I was always comfortable knowing he got it, and he would send one right back.

Now I sit with a heavy heart, knowing his smiles will still come to me, but it’s different. I write every day about being positive, finding balance and happiness, how to look in the mirror and appreciate what you have and who you are, but I fall under the realm of perfectly normal when I can no longer look forward to physically seeing someone, I am sad, not in a negative way but in a selfish way. He is walking this part of his journey on his own and I will listen for the sound of his footsteps and his laughter… the sounds will never come.

The positive light that surrounds and shines through this negative cloud in my sky is that I am going to have a lot of friends waiting for me when I cross, and they better have my bike shined up when I get there 🙂 Vaya Con Dios my Brother.

On the book/brighter side of things, Vol V is in final edit stages and headed for design soon, I am thrilled with the flow on this one, Rachel has been awesome as usual and I am looking forward with a new excitement to see the box set of all five volumes together. My designer Fiona has mentioned she has not yet worked with a slipcover so she is thrilled to have the chance to put one together for me. The decisions I am making at this stage are purely my own, I plan on having some extra slip covers made for those who have followed me and purchased all the volumes separately, I just think it would be nice for them to have one as well, the box sets will be on the shelves for Christmas.

It’s funny but as I spoke above about feeling sad in a selfish way, I also feel sad in a positive way that this series of smiles is coming to a close, the last volume, it has been so remarkable these last two years, I can’t believe I got five volumes done. And now what? You ask, well I am putting together a coffee table book, then a children’s book, then if the world wants more word hugs and smiles to share I will continue with Vol VI through X of BawB’s Raven Feathers… my dream is not over yet, in fact it has only just begun.

Keep it real, whatever “it” is, don’t ever let go of your dreams

believe in you and being true, to life however it seems.






BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol I

BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol II

BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol III

Patience is not just about waiting. . .


. . . it is also about believing.


I never would have believed my little books would ever go this far, if you would have asked me two years ago what my future looked like, I would have smiled and said one day at a time.


My recent giveaway on Goodreads just closed and I had over 500 people show interest in winning my recent hard cover edition of BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol IV, to me that is the most wonderful feeling you could ever imagine. To me it means that 500 people are interested in my energy, my smiles and my thoughts. To me that’s what writing is all about, sharing feelings, creating emotion and inspiration, creating a smile from inside and watching it spread to the world.


I say “to me” a lot because everyone is different, to some 500 may not be enough, to others it may mean nothing, but as I said, to me, it means the world. Moving forward I will take this positive energy and continue working on Volume V of the series, I will continue to think my thoughts of what’s next, and plan the pages of my next writing project. Possibly down the road there may be another 500 people waiting to share my smiles, so for them I will write my thoughts, my word, and share my smiles, one day at a time.


Thank you to Goodreads for helping me share my little books, and Thank you to all the people that entered the give away, I hope the winners enjoy reading my words and sharing my smiles. I hope my book family, the team of wonderful people that have helped me continue to create such beautiful books never tires of hearing me say Thank you to them, I don’t believe I can ever thank them enough.


To those of you out there that have just started to write, let your mind create, fill the pages with your words, fear not what may appear around that next bend, instead create the next bend, and the outcome, create your path then share it, find the people to answer the questions you have, use the tools others offer.


To those of you that have written your books and filled your pages with wonder, thank you for offering the tools I need to learn. Yes I am patient, yes I believe in me, and yes I will continue to work at sharing my thoughts with the world, because to me, the thought of a world full of smiles is worth smiling about.








While you are waiting for dreams to happen. . .


. . .you may miss the ones that are happening.


Today is a milestone for me, a day in which I can honestly say I have accomplished something I never dreamed I could do. Today I am writing my 100th blog page, yes I have sat and shared my thoughts with the universe (and anyone else that reads them) on 100 pages of text, each page filled with words, each page about nothing that meant much to the world but every page about something which meant the world to me.


I keep saying I am not a writer, and yet I write, I keep wondering what makes a good writer and I keep writing while I continue to wonder. It never occurred to me that I would be able to sit and compose a page about my life, nor did I think that the world was a place where people just like me enjoyed sharing their thoughts about their life. Two years ago was asked to start writing things on a blog page, “share with the world” they said, share with others that understand what you are writing. I found a very small part of a very big world, I found WordPress.com, a place where I could relax about not being a writer and I could learn from many others who were also relaxed about not writing.


It’s not just about the blogging however, it is about the dreams I/we share about writing books, the dreams that might one day come true, well, while I still may be dreaming of becoming a writer, what I have written is being read. BawB’s Raven Feathers is now an award-winning book being seen by readers who enjoy what I write, they enjoy the energy I share and they enjoy the design of the covers on my books. While I happily plunk away on the keyboard writing these pages and sharing my thoughts and my smiles, others are reading them and are now starting to share their reviews:


“Although I’ve never heard the author speak, I could hear what I imagined to be his voice in my mind while reading these words of wisdom. Turning the last page, I felt as though I had just finished sharing a moment with a friend.”…Libby.


This review is itself another Milestone in my life, it is the start of a new path, the path of a writer, the path of an adventure I never dreamed could take place, a dream I might have missed while I was waiting for dreams to happen.


I am a writer, a creator of questions a teller of tales, I have soared with the ravens and sung with the whales. I am a writer because I choose to agree that life has its moments and I share what I see.







Whatever I do. . .

. . .I do for you.

Whenever I share a new blog post I always share it with my Facebook group, to keep everybody in the loop of my activities, my marketing pro Beth tells me all the time that if I don’t get the word out there about my book, no one will know it exists until they stumble across it on line, or are told by a friend. So I am learning as I go, that I am not just a writer, but I am also in sales, promotion, book keeping, marketing, stores and shipping, PR and quality control. Huh, so you want to be a writer,  well to be honest there is a lot of work involved, but if you believe in what you are doing then enjoy every minute of it.

The reason for this blog today is to share with you what I do on my Facebook page every morning, I write something inspirational to kickstart the day, my own quotes and sayings, rhymes and poems, the text behind my books, saved over the years, and this morning I thought I would share my Facebook status with my blog page, please feel free to amble on over and have a look, follow if you like or send a friend request, life is short, the world is small, we can never share enough smiles.

“I used to think how nice it would be in the old days with seer’s and sage’s, until just this morning when I googled my book and it showed up on 17 pages. All of these books I write from the heart, and soon it is true you will see, that with help from my team who are working so hard, soon I’ll present Volume Three. Ebooks and Soft-covers on line and Iguana, in 14 languages too, and of course there are hard covers you can ask if you wanna, I print them with love just for you.”




Gone for a moment. . .


. . .but never forgetting.


The more I try to understand life, the more I seek new answers. I got the chance to retire and I took it, I put some time and effort into my books and got the first two published and set up the templates for more to follow. I have met some wonderful people and I have found strength in myself that I never knew existed. I have the strength to believe not only in me, but in the fact that others believe in me as well.


The confusing part here is, the time I spent on my books, was what I thought I wanted, I blogged every week, I had freedom to come and go, to be where I needed to be, I was where I thought I wanted to be, then something happened; I found myself missing people, interacting with people, seeing smiles, activity, movement. I found that I was loosing touch with earth energy, I could see it but I couldn’t dip my hand in it to feel it rush by. The energy of all things, the river of life was just out of my reach.


Oh it gets better, I wanted now to get back in the river, slowly mind you, one foot at a time, maybe just stand on the banks for a while to adjust. No, headfirst I went, no worries I thought, I could swim, just a relaxed stroke to stay where I was in the current. The banks seemed to get smaller; the river of energy was getting wider, more people, and more life, more living. I was going too far out, loosing my balance once again, I was losing my creative side, by focusing too much on staying stationary in a current that was getting stronger.


Metaphors aside, I went from one extreme to the other, writing every day to not writing at all. The reality came when my editor asked me to write some pages for BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol III, I said “no problem” but, there was this one little thing; I had nothing. My mind was a complete blank, a writer with no words, and a page with no meaning. I was devastated. But alas, I am a writer now, because I have had no words, because to all of you writers that are smiling, this is what writing is all about. We write because we want to, if we are forced to, we cant, if we choose not to, we miss it, writing is a release for us, a smile that comes form the inside and transforms into words. Keep smiling my friends and keep writing.


I write because I want to, it makes me want to smile

I’ll write these words I have to share, I hope, for quite a while.





I wish I may,I wish I might. . .


. . . have more time to simply write.


For that matter, I also wish I had more time to read. After a long day of doing the PI thing, I get busy “decompressing.” The job demands me to be “on” for the entire shift. It may take hours for something to happen, but when it does, I need to shift from motionless to full sprint in no time flat, so I sit quietly, on edge, thinking of everything.


Mostly I think of how my books are doing out there. I recently received a status report from Iguana for June, and it was dismal. Book sales are practically nonexistent, but as I sat there in my mentally ready state, I thought of how wonderful it was that I had received a report about my books from a publishing company. Right then, I didn’t care that I hadn’t sold any books. I was more excited that my little books had been picked up by someone who thought that they had potential, someone I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting, someone with the knowledge and professionalism to recognize something good in self-published work.


Now, Sunday morning, 0530hrs, I finally have a chance to think about nothing. I am relaxed, and I have an opportunity to write about, well, thinking and writing. I also get a chance to read the blogs of other writers—some who struggle, some who don’t, some who give up, and some who won’t. It is such a funny thing, this writing bug. We all have something to share—a dream maybe, or just a story that fills our minds. Then we form the words, complete the sentences, and write. But are you still a writer if you never publish your work?


Yes. I believe that we are all writers, that we all have stories to share. Even those wonderful people who create instruction books for us dummies, or the moms who share recipes.  They think, and therefore they write. But I also think that it is belief in what you do that makes the difference. If you are dedicated enough, and lucky enough, and have time enough, and if you have the help of the right editors, designers, printers, and marketers, yes, if you have all these things, you will become exactly what you are: a writer who believes in what you write, and the world will get a chance to see it. If you are not “there” yet, keep writing, keep believing, you just never know what tomorrow may bring.


Our words will become the magic we share, it’s our way to thrill the crowd.

Our thoughts create images and feelings too, when we tell our tales aloud.





For every beginning. . .


. . . there is an end.

With the recent passing of a very special soul in my world, I was left wondering about life and the things we consider important at any given time. I thought about  the things we choose to spend our time on. I thought about how we all begin our life stories the same way, and how many of us are oblivious to the end of them until they are upon us.

I choose to spend time writing about life —inspirational quotations and poems that come from my heart. Every day I share something different through a form of social media. I have no thoughts of a beginning or an end; my writing involves that which occurs in between. I looked today for something inspiring to share about life ending but could find only the following words, which are etched into my soul:  “For every beginning there is an ending, and for every story there must be a front and back cover—one to open and one to close.”

I realized while chatting with a friend that our lives are so busy, so involved with choices and options, so centered around success and failure that we (as humans) only take the time to think about the end of a life story when the story is completed, when the author of a lifetime has written his or her last words. That is the reality of an ending. We then usually take a moment to consider our own mortality—only a moment, however, and then we resume our hectic lives with the memories of a book that has closed its covers.

My life story began over half a century ago. I have not yet written a beginning, nor have I thought about an ending. I will, however, continue to write about life; I will inspire as best I can; I will share my thoughts about how important and precious life is; and I will share the sadness of those consumed with the inevitable ending of us all. But we must remember that we will never be gone, nor forgotten. Each life becomes a book that is placed on a shelf in the minds of those who had a part in it. Each life is a book that never grows old, and one that can be read over and over again.

One step, one day, one page at a time, we try to live by being free;

The stories of life that we have shared will soon become our legacy.