You don’t know. . .

. . . what you don’t know.

I guess it is safe to say that I didn’t know a lot about what I was doing in life, so I learned as much as I could, now, six decades later I have learned a lot more about what I didn’t know.

Absolutely everyone you listen to will have their own ideas, their own perception on what it is they are teaching or sharing. Something else I have learned, and this is only my perception, is that when we hear the words “you have to” it puts us (me) in a defensive state, I would feel much better if I had the option; “you should” or “you could”, hearing this would make us (me) feel much more at ease.

So you want to write a book? Ok, here is the readers digest version of the steps, First; write the book (I have heard this is the easy part) then find THE editor for you (this step is important, your editor has to believe in you) then find THE most awesome designer (also important, your designer has to be able to create using your thoughts alone) then find a printer (yup, also important if you want good quality for your work) and there you have it, you have written your first book. The point here is one you may have missed, none of the people helping you with your book are “above you” they are on your level doing what they love to do WITH you, and if they do an excellent job you are going to share them with others, so, on that note, Thank you to my incredible team (Family) of book experts;

Rachel Small (Editor), Jessee Wise (Graphic Design/Illustrations) Fiona Raven (Designer), Friesens Printing (Printing), Beth Kallman Werner(Marketing), and a list of others too long to add in this post, but the most important are those that believed in me, and you all know who you are.



The hardest part about being seen. . .


. . . is knowing you have to stand up.


I spent the greater part of my life happily living in the shadows of society. By this I mean I was quiet, I kept my opinions to myself, I sat at the back of the room, or I found a spot on the wall that matched my attire so as to blend in. I watched life, I listened, I grew at my own pace and danced to my own drums. I was happy being among the shadows. I was here but comfortably not here.


Very recently I stood up, and now I stand in a tough world—the world of readers and writers, authors and editors, e-books and indie publishing—and this world is as strange and new to me as outer space is to a first-time astronaut. I have watched, learned, and listened; I have heeded others’ advice and have become comfortable with who I am and what I am doing: writing my books and sharing my smiles. The hardest part for me now is getting the word out, sharing my words and my smiles with more of the world.


I am excited to see that when I enter “BawB’s Raven Feathers” into a search engine, I find multiple pages that link to my little books, in multiple languages, on multiple sites. I am starting to believe that my little books are on tables and shelves in millions of homes. Okay, maybe hundreds, but I believe I can do more to share more. I have followed the advice of Beth from Author Connections and thrown myself to the world via Twitter (thanks Carrie), Facebook, WordPress, Goodreads, and Google. I have given away a few hardcover editions on Goodreads and sold many to the local populace of Calgary and surrounding area, but I can do more.


I chose to stand up, my work and my effort are being seen and noticed now. I am sharing smiles and words of inspiration with many, but I would like to reach more people. Iguana Books has gratefully offered to help in this adventure of mine by sending the winners of my next giveaway e-book editions of BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol III.  Because only two or three were able to receive a paperback edition of my book as that was all I offered in my recent giveaway, I am going to offer free copies of the electronic edition to 30 Goodreads winners, but—yes there is a but—I would be grateful if these recipients posted or sent me a review to help me get my words and my smiles out to the world.


To all of my followers and readers that are as new in this world of writing as I am, it is indeed hard to stand up, but once you do, the world sees you, and the work you are doing starts to get noticed.  Indie or traditional, once you publish the work doesn’t stop, you have done something wonderful for the world and you want the world to see it. Believe in You.

In order to see what needs to be seen, you have to stand and look.

The only way you can learn from sitting is by reading a good book.




There is always a light. . .


. . . if you can find the tunnel.


I have so often said that life can change in just one minute so mind the minutes in your life. We really have no insight into our futures, and our pasts are far enough behind us that they are now memories, so we are supposed live in the moment.


To actually live in the moment, however, we need to understand what the moment means; is it simply sixty seconds of life, or is the big picture contained in these sixty seconds? Is the moment more like a day or a week? Is it what affects only your life, or does the moment affect us globally? Close your eyes for just a minute if you can, then think of the seconds ticking by—count them if you’d like, in your head. I bet you can’t keep your eyes closed for exactly a minute. We have no solid concept of time, so how can we live in such a short piece of it, how do we live for the moment?


“Live FOR a minute” would be a better way of saying this, I think. Take that one minute to breathe, to focus, and to look for the proverbial tunnel, the one that shares with you a light at the end—a light of hope, for a moment, a way to see past a minuscule glitch in your life. The tunnel is your journey, the light is your life, for that instant. Then, live for the moments that follow. Each moment that passes a memory is created.


I have lived for many moments, and I will continue to live for many more. I will create many new memories with each one that passes. My journey takes me through lots of adventures and I have discovered many tunnels. I have found that the world always seems brighter when you reach that light at the end of those tunnels.


I believe we need to see life for the wonderful moments that are in it and I believe in us as human beings; I believe that there is hope for the human race, despite the pages created on social media that refute this. I have seen people take a moment to reach out to others, I have seen moments of kindness and support and I have seen moments of sadness and despair replaced by moments of hope. I have seen what a moment filled with a smile can do.


Live your life with no regrets, make sure your efforts are true

Believe in what a moment could hold because it’s held for you.







Make sure you know where your center is. . .


. . . before you seek the edge.


Well, here we are—a new year is upon us, and already I am planning my adventures: which roads to take, which paths to walk. First thing on the agenda is to get smarter about marketing, with the guidance and wisdom of Beth from Author Connections.

Next up, full steam ahead with volume II of BawB’s Raven Feathers, already in the capable and talented hands of Rachel from Faultless Finish Editing. Then off to chat with our newly appointed designer, Fiona Raven, such wonderful energy.


I will also make time this year to see as many people as I possibly can, and I mean really see them, physically. I have realized that once we have been swallowed up by the time bubble, it is impossible to recognize how fast time really passes, and before we know it, another year has passed. So this year, I am choosing to make the time to get on my motorcycle or hop in the camper and do what should come naturally—say hello, face to face.


I had the pleasure of seeing some folks over the holidays who reminded me of the dangers of “wishing we would have” and “feeling we should have.” One of the unfortunate side effects of growing older is seeing everybody around you grow older too. Things seem happen more quickly, the older we get, and sometimes our actions have more drastic consequences. For example, the “I’ll get around to it” never comes.


It is important to determine the center of your life, the place where you can find balance. From this place you can see the edges of your life for 360 degrees and can head out in any direction with the comfort of knowing you can return to the center at any time. If you are grounded in your center, it becomes easier to make time to do the things you need to do without getting lost or overloaded.


Stay balanced, stay focused, and for goodness’ sake, stay in touch with people. Remember your energy is fluid—it travels with the wind. Attach a smile to it and share your thoughts. People need to know you are out there; you need to share in the energy of the world. Stay positive, stay active, mentally and physically, and above all, know where the center of your life is and believe in you.


You are the one who knows you best, so believe in who you are.

It never hurts to dream sometimes, or wish upon that star.