Because I can write. . .


. . .does not mean I’m a writer.


It does mean I enjoy sharing my thoughts and my feelings, and similarly because I can speak certainly does not make me a speaker. In fact to be quite honest If I had any idea two years ago that becoming a writer and having the good fortune to publish my work would in turn ensue the underlying responsibility to now become a public speaker I would have chosen to stay silent and happy.


But enough of my silly quirks and unwarranted fears, I have done what many others have done, and what many others will continue to do, I have shared my thoughts and my feelings and now I must share myself with the world. In a good way of course, the world wants to know more about me, about BawB. Why the books? Why poetry? Where did it come from and where is it going? Not just the typical questions however, but also who is this BawB guy? Where did he come from? What makes him different?


Of course to convey this information, to answer the questions I need to talk, to people, lots of people in the same room… sighhhhhh… I need to read my own books. I need to believe in myself and reach inside for the confidence I tell everyone else to find inside them. Yes I am real and I do have the very same real issues as the rest of the world. When I am stressed I focus on why I should smile, when I am afraid I breathe in the fresh air of the moment to help me remember fear is a feeling of the moment not a way of life.


I attended an event at Shelf Life Books in Calgary, celebrating my recent award from Along with three other local authors; Naomi K Lewis, Rona Altros and Patricia Klinck, we were all requested to speak. We needed to celebrate what we did and share our thoughts and feelings with the room full of people. What made me feel better in that moment was, I was not alone. In fact, a lot of people have trouble speaking in public. It is not something we are all comfortable with but it is something we can do if we believe in ourselves and feel the energy of the people in the room, because they came to hear us share our words.


Being a writer certainly doesn’t make me a speaker, but I will get better at speaking about what I can write.





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What you think is a lull. . .

. . .is the storm you haven’t created yet.


I just got off the phone with my distributor. And boy am I excited! The company is New Shelves Distribution out of New York, and we are going to start working together closely and diligently to promote my books. Up until now I’ve been doing only 10 percent of what I thought was 100 percent, because I didn’t know then what I know now, and that’s this: just because your book or product is online somewhere doesn’t mean the public is going to see it. YOU have to market it.


I’m speaking for indie authors and artists because I have learned a little about the self-publishing world. Traditional publishing works differently—things are done for you, and you are told what to expect. Working independently, we indie authors need a lot of help getting started and then maintaining a consistent marketing approach. In my case, if all I wanted was a dozen stores to sell my hardcover editions, I would be doing fine. I wanted more—it’s a big world out there. So the decision was made to take the next step. I needed help.


I connected with Lyn Cadence of to help me promote my book locally, and, as I mentioned, Amy Collins from to help me both on a grander scale of promotion and later with distribution. These two very important steps took me a very long time to come to grips with, as I hoped my little books would magically just start selling themselves all over the world. Well, not so much. In fact, they are only selling in the few stores I have them in because they can be seen there.


The blessing I will share with you all is the “family” I have working with me on this adventure. Without their support I wouldn’t be here at this level of “book awareness”: Rachel, my editor, Carrie, my proofreader, and Fiona, my designer. They give me all the help I could ever dream of having, and all are very capable, talented book people.


That, I suppose is the secret to moving forward, if there is one. When you get to a stage where you want to move forward, find the people who will listen, the ones who “get” what you are working on, and the ones who will support and walk with you on your adventure. Keep writing and keep believing that what you are writing, or for that matter, whatever you are doing, is what people want to see.


The pen is a weapon you hold like a sword—it can write whatever you choose.

It can turn your thoughts into a masterpiece and create unbelievable views.





Wondering why I wonder. . .


. . .about where the time goes.


Here I am again, wondering where all the time went, seems like forever since I have posted a blog, and I’m sure no one else but me notices but it still crosses my mind. Life is busy and it gets in the way of most things, especially writing. I find it takes time to write, time that we think we don’t have.  So today I made the time.


This post is my attempt at some promotion, some good news for all the BawB’s Raven Feathers fans out there, Volume III is in the works, in fact it is in the capable hands of my designer Fiona Raven, . I wanted to take this opportunity to remind all of the up and coming aspiring authors out there that what they think may only be a dream can in fact become a reality. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has something to write, we are not all writers, I certainly don’t feel like a writer, but we all have things to say and we can all share them.


I was recently a guest on a Blog radio program called “A Road Less Published” found here and yes I was terrified as this was my first “speaking” engagement, but I had the help and support of my Marketing Pro Beth Kallmen Werner of and I was reminded that I was not speaking of things I knew nothing about, I was speaking about me and my little book. This show has grown over the last couple of months because of the information that is shared for new and self-publishing authors. If you need questions answered try having a listen Wednesday evenings at 8pm eastern.


My advice to you, or at least my words of inspiration, is to keep writing, keep reading and take the effort needed to find the answers to all your questions.


So, let me tell you now how wonderful and exciting it is knowing Volume III will soon be available, I already have people pre booking a copy in advance, and I want to share this positive energy with you.

Believe in you, believe in who you are, if you have a story to tell then write it down. Talk to an editor, this is your first step, because an editor is not just an unseen person that corrects mistakes, an editor is real person with knowledge and information, tips and tools, direction and support. It is because of my editor Rachel Small that my books came together as smoothly as they have.


Stay tuned for availability dates for BawB’s Raven Feathers Volume III, I will be doing a giveaway on Good Reads as well as something new andexciting for the launch.


Thank you for believing in me and for wanting to have a look.

Thank you all for reading my words and for opening my book





Are you really where. . .


. . . you want to be?


I find myself where I never thought I would be, and at the same time I find myself in a very comfortable place. There has been some controversy of late between myself and two of my friends. They deem me to be a writer, a published author, and a man with much to express. I argue, fondly of course, that I am just a BoB with ideas about what life can be when you simply believe in who you are.


These friends I speak of are also my editors, my business associates, and the reason my little books look so awesome when they go to my design pro, Fiona Raven. I am lucky enough to have found two of the best, but it doesn’t stop there. I have a third friend who is also an editor extraordinaire and a marketing guru. These people are professionals in their fields, and they are also human; they love to laugh, to read, and to experience life.


I guess what I am trying to say here is that if you are a writer, or if you are like me and consider yourself a “wroter” (someone who has already written what you need to share), then I urge you to find an editor who understands your work and vision. Editors are people with keen perception; they should be able to “see” what you have written, “feel” what you felt when you wrote the words, and “get” what you want to do with your writing.


I have just published the second book in a series, and I couldn’t have done it without my editor friends.  Actually, they are closer than friends—they are my book family. I listen to them, I respect them, I admire them, and I get the same support and respect in return.


I am where I want to be, I believe in who I am, and I believe the words I share reach the hearts of those who read them, which in turn creates warm energy in me, a ripple effect of balance and calm. I urge all of you out there to continue what you believe in, continue being you, write to your hearts’ content, then take it to the next level. Talk to someone about sharing your words. Don’t settle for just anyone, find someone who will work with you. For every book there is a reader, and behind every word ever written there is a person with a pen and a thought worth sharing.


To remember a memory is just not enough, you really need to share;

Paint with words your picture of life, make the readers want to be there.





Sometimes there are no words. . .

. . .only a smile and positive energy.

There are moments in life that stand out more than others, I have tried to live every moment of my life with no regrets, I would of course do some things over if I could, but I appreciate every lesson I have ever learned even the hard ones. Each moment I spent growing up I never imagined I would ever amount to anything really important. I was always just very happy being me, making my own path, where ever I went- there I was.

I write because it makes me happy, I share a smile because usually it makes someone else happy, I can now share my writings and my smiles at the same time. Thank you Greg Ioannou and Iguana Books.

There are no words I can write to express my feelings at this point. Is it enough to say I couldn’t be happier? I am smiling as I type these words and with you I share my positive energy.



BawB’s Raven Feathers at Iguana Books

I feel like a kid with a plan. . .


. . . in a candy store.


Whoever said life gets boring as you get older never wrote a book. The writing process is not just about the effort it takes to produce words and make sure they all come together—it’s also about anticipation, waiting, wondering, and learning. I asked my editor, Rachel, if every author gets this excited every time he or she publishes a book or if the excitement wanes after a while. She said “I’m not sure, but I certainly hope so because there is so much joy to be found in the process.” Personally, I have been just as excited working on volume II as I was while working on volume I, and I don’t see any difference in the anticipation factor either.


I am growing each day, learning new things, experiencing the reality of what living a dream feels like. I am thinking thoughts that take me five years down the road, where my dream of publishing a series of ten volumes of my little book is becoming a reality; the books are sitting on my shelf in the box I designed for them, the colors of the dust jackets shifting gradually with each volume, at least, that’s the plan 🙂


The excitement I’m feeling comes from the fact that I created a goal and put a plan together to achieve it after looking at every angle and path available. My marketing expert, Beth, from Author Connections, said, “If I could tell people one thing about writing a book, it would be that they need to plan.” This statement really hit home when I received the Marketing plan she put together for me, it is full of doors to open and paths to follow, talk about planning at it’s best.


I have learned that it is good to dream, but to make things happen, you do need to plan. I have learned that writing the words is the easy part—just don’t quit. But then comes the planning: who is going to read your book? Where can they buy it? How are you going to distribute it? Plan, plan, plan. First, plan on finding an editor to work with, explain  your dream, and show  your excitement; an editor might help guide you with your plans. Be prepared to learn. If you are not learning, you are not asking the right questions.


Apply this concept of planning to your life in general. Plan your future, plan your holidays, plan your next meeting, or just plan to go for ice cream. Don’t be afraid to dream, and don’t ever second-guess yourself. You are the only one who can make your life happen. Make your dreams come true—start with the little ones, then dream big.


Walk with pride down your life’s path, enjoy how simply being feels

Dream of doing what you want to do, then plan to make it real.





Because I can talk. . .


. . . I learned how to walk.


I have chosen to share the inspirational thoughts on life and living that my spirit guide, the Raven, has shared with me. But these thoughts I share on Facebook, in my blog posts, and in my book are not just words—they are words I live by every day.


If you have been following my blogs, you will have read about the value of believing in yourself, rewarding yourself, patting your own back after your successes, and learning from your failures. I have written about smiling and staying calm and about finding your inner balance. Every day, I want to inspire everyone who hears my words to enjoy being who they are. Every day, I look in the mirror and am happy being me because I write these things for you. This is who I am.


I succeed, I smile, I fail, and I smile because I tried. I don’t just write for the sake of writing; I write because, thanks to technology, I can share my beliefs on the important things in life that we all tend to forget: breathing, believing, balance, and being. Practice these things every day and reward yourself every day for just being you. Give yourself credit—it is due. You’ve earned it.


Recently, the creation of BawB’s Raven Feathers Volume II became a reality. It is currently in the final stages of editing, a task that can only be done by someone who understands what I think and how I feel when I write. In order to experience the thrill of publishing a book, I had to learn to let go, to be patient, and to believe in what others can do.


I am excited to share volume II. I am growing and breaking down the walls that took so many years to build; I am finding strength inside me I never knew existed. I am what I write because I choose to be. I am living the happiness that I deserve, and I will share my smile on whatever path I choose to walk—I hope that you do too.


Before you could think you learned to talk, your words are how you share

the way you feel and what you believe—they bring your soul to bear.





Why is it called weekend. . .

. . . when we are just beginning?

The concept of a weekend is a perfect example of social conditioning. Most of us  have grown up believing that the week ends on Sunday. When you sit for a moment and empty your mind of generations of conditioning, however, doesn’t this seem like an absurd idea? I know there’s no changing what is cast in stone, but it sure is interesting to consider how programmed we are to respond to corporate needs.

Often as we get older, we start to see things a little more clearly. Our future is not a future anymore: it is a here and now. We no longer have the luxury of planning and the benefits of holding on to “what if” scenarios. Instead, many of us experience fear involving the following question: what will I do when I am no longer told what to do? When I step outside the corporate walls?

Within the corporate walls of existence there are doors, hundreds of them, and these doors swing both ways—you can choose to enter or exit at any time. This should ease the fears in some of you. At some point in your life, you will likely start to question routine, and you don’t have to wait to question this at the corporate-based magic age of sixty-five. When you feel that you are better suited to do something on your own, then believe in yourself and do it. Start your own company, take on the challenges, and weigh the risks and benefits.

We often fear the unknown, but instead of being scared of what’s to come, try welcoming the gift of choice and plan your future. Walk through the door of opportunity and start something for yourself. If it doesn’t work the first time, walk back through the door and pick up where you left off or find something different for yourself. One of the most important things you can do in life is believe in yourself and what you can do. Start your week whenever you want to, not when someone else tells you to.

There is no hard and fast rule that states you must work for someone else for the rest of your life or until you are “too old to benefit the company.” Get out and enjoy your life: it is yours. And don’t worry about going stir crazy and having nothing to do outside of the corporate walls—you might just be amazed at how busy you become when you finally start to enjoy being you.

The time when you finally step away, from being told what you can do

could be your most uplifting time, to start to enjoy just being you.



Do you lose focus when you see. . .


. . .  projects pile up in stacks of 3?


I recently accepted an opportunity to grow. I learned of a course that would expand my knowledge base, and I jumped at the chance—sixty hours, three weekends in a row. Not until I was deeply immersed in the material did I realize I might have bitten off too big of a chunk of life. I will never say that as we get older our capacity to learn new things diminishes a tad, but I will say it gets a little tougher to do several things at once, at least for me.


I am a writer now, and as my friend Carrie says, writers write—that’s what we do. But this writer also had to study, and the new material I was faced with, filled the learning portion of my brain. I was then asked to write some pages for volume two of my book, and this assignment filled the creative side of my brain. Finally, I sought a blog page and my morning status updates out of the inspirational portion of what was left of my brain. I know there are a lot of you out there, who could do this with your eyes closed while whistling Dixie, but we are all different, for me it was a challenge.


The fun part for me was shifting my focus past assignments one, two, and three and looking forward to what the next week would bring. I enjoyed the challenges I had chosen to undertake once I decided that I would only be disappointed in myself if I did not try. I appreciate both success and failure in my life; either outcome means I have tried, and any result is a valuable lesson in my journey of life. It’s funny how as we get older, we tend look at challenges differently. Well, at least I do anyway.


To me, life is an adventure full of challenges and projects that I stitch together, I get enjoyment out of each of them and satisfaction from completing them. The thread I use to attach one project to another is made from a spool of learning, knowledge, and patience. Then, once a blanket of projects are completed I remember the tools I used, the effort it took, and the skills each project required, then it’s on to the next one.


The rest of the world grows at its own pace, and for this reason, we as individuals must learn to adapt and to grow with our surroundings. We must learn to find happiness, or to create it. We must learn to smile in the face of adversity, because we can. We must focus past the challenge and seek also the rewards of the attempt.


With each and every step you take, you move to somewhere new,

to a place you’ve never been before that has a different view.






Do you have trouble believing. . .


. . . in what you cannot see?


Do you believe in yourself, sight unseen? You can see yourself when you look in the mirror, but can you believe what the mirror is telling you? Without the mirror or belief in yourself, you can only perceive what others see you to be. To believe in yourself, you must trust that you are real. I don’t mean real as in what you see on TV (sarcasm)—I mean real as in what is in your soul. You must believe in what you can’t always see.


A friend of mine, Patricia Monna from Our Angels Center in Calgary has recently done some very amazing things because she believes in herself. She believes that she can “see,” with her mind, images that help to locate missing persons, and she has been very successful in doing that. She is a very gifted soul, and I choose to believe in what she can do, even though I cannot see what she can see. I know that if I stand in a room completely devoid of light, the room still exists in my mind, so I also choose to believe that when you close your eyes and believe in you, then you too can exist wherever your mind wants you to be.


I know this concept is deep, but on the surface it is simply all about choosing to believe, and it all starts with believing in you. Once you fully grasp and understand the similarity between the reality of what is and the abstract of what could be, you will then find the balance and calm required to believe all things are possible.


Many years ago I started believing there was more to life than what society had to offer. I started believing I could find an answer to a question I had not yet asked myself: Who am I? I went off to my mountains to find myself, to learn more about BawB. I needed to learn how to believe. It is not something we are born with; it is not an instinct. Belief, according to Merriam-Webster, is “a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.” Well, that sounds easy enough; I trust myself, so I believe in myself, and I am confident in others, so I believe in them too.


When I first started sharing my words, people believed in me, and my confidence increased. With this confidence, I was comfortable sharing my views, opinions, and inspiration about life and living. My book was created because people believed in me; the volumes that will follow will be shared by people who believe in themselves; and maybe, just maybe, we will all learn once again how important it is to just believe.


Seeing is believing, believing is seeing, it’s true if you want it to be;

you can believe in the person you are, if you learn to set your mind free.


: )