The Spirit of Christmas. . .

. . . lives in my Heart.


I awoke on Christmas morning the same way I have for some 20,800 previous mornings, give or take a leap year or two, I awoke with energy and the spirit of life in my heart, energy that is all of us, energy that is our belief, our ethics, out pride and our morals, but before all else could be thought of I awoke Happy to simply be.


I haven’t any needs or wants, I have no desire for any do-overs, I have Family and Friends, I have responsibilities and I have commitments. I have the present of presence, I open it every morning, no tree, no music no change and no difference, to me it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and in turn the smile it creates will radiate to others, a gift that keeps on giving… so to speak.


This Christmas I had such warmth in my heart, I had time and calm balance to reflect, I smiled as I remembered Christmases past when I was little, sneaking down stairs to the tree and feeling the energy even then, I had no idea what it meant but I knew it was special… I knew there was more. This Christmas the “more” came to me, as I ambled down my hallway to the smell of fresh coffee and the never ending smile of my little dog Levi, I felt the love and energy of the universe, I have no tree, no lights, no music playing but it was all there, it was a Christmas of memories and it felt wonderful, like it was right there in front of me. It meant the world to me and I am so very thankful for having experienced it.


The spirit of Christmas that lives in my heart consists of all the smiles and laughter of the people from my life that have crossed, and all the people that still share it, those that make me smile when I think of them, because I know wherever they are they are smiling back. It is not just the spirit of Christmas for only a few days a year, but it is also the spirit of living, the essence of life, the giving and receiving of presence, every day of every year… and sharing a present that is the warmth of a smile.


This Christmas I was greeted in the mirror by the light of life, it reflected my successes, my learning and my encouragement, it was filled with kindness and caring and it is meant to be shared… the highlight of my Christmas this year was holding in my hands my Box Set of inspiration and smiles wrapped in word hugs that was created by the hands and hearts of many wonderful people, that I can now share with the world. This Christmas I was comfortable being me, and I am so very happy to share my world and my dream with all of you.


Find peace and balance in the days to come and in the year that follows, believe in you and believe in your spirit within.




Is it really the beginning of the end. . .


. . .if you are only in the middle of a dream.


I am in the final stages once again of publishing another of my little inspirational books, this one though is very special because it is the end of a series, this one is Volume V of BawB’s Raven Feathers. This particular volume was put together using more of my editors influence than the other four volumes, this one still has all of my heart, soul, smiles and hugs, but, it also means the world to Rachel, my Editor, because the content hit home for her.


When I say this is the beginning of the end, it kind of rolls off of my tongue like I’m comfortable with it, I’m not, because I don’t plan on ending anything. What I am doing is creating a box set of the first 5 volumes of my little inspirational book to share with the world, so this first series is ending, but then I am moving to a new project, and after that maybe the next five volumes of the BawB’s Raven Feathers Series VI – X, so it is not really the end of anything because I am only in the middle of my dream.


In case any of you are wondering, I have asked this question to many Authors I have met over the past couple of years; Do you ever get used to the excitement and anticipation of a new book being published? My answer to that is no, I am as thrilled and excited for this one as I was for all the others, more so for this one because my Designer Fiona Raven is also creating a slip case for the books as well, it will be as beautiful and thoughtfully designed as all of the books have been, and to her it will be very special because it is her first, and it is going to hold inside it all of the energy and inspiration the books carry with them.


I mentioned above that my Editor Rachel Small had more of a hand in putting this Volume together, that is because she let go of her anchors recently that were slowing her journey, she was living in the present with her positive thoughts, and she had the good fortune to change her mind and learn from her dreams and give her life all she’s got…my awesome editor moved to London! So not only did she have a huge part in ending this series with her positive energy but she also began a new adventure on a new path, oh, and yes she is still my Awesome Editor from across the pond with a whole new outlook on everything and if possible, an even brighter smile.


I do not believe I will ever be able to thank the people enough that have helped me bring this dream to a reality, this adventure is not just about the writing, it is about the mistakes, the lessons, the laughter, the support, the belief and the positive energy from the people I have met along the way, it is about sharing a smile with the world  and a tear of happiness with my friends. At the end of each day I thank you all for believing in me and for reading and sharing my words.


The morning sky of each new day is filled with a positive glow

Believe in beginning a new adventure and smile as you grow.






Teaching is sharing. . .


. . . sharing is learning.

I was so thrilled and honored to be welcomed into a group of amazing ladies here in Calgary at The Further Education Society:

The work they do is phenomenal. I never imagined my little book would ever be so welcomed or so useful to so many people—those struggling to find balance and focus, those learning to read, and those seeking inner strength and belief in themselves.

The ladies asked me if I would be interested in attending one of the many group sessions that are put together to bring people together.  The people in these groups sometimes need some inspiration—some help to guide them down a path of learning and self-recognition. I agreed, elated, as this is something I can speak to. I write my books from my heart, and the words and feeling I put into them come from many lifetimes of listening, and watching, and learning.  My words of inspiration are shared with positive energy, they are not intended to cure every broken heart or mend every tired soul (although I wish I could) but more to help individuals find their own light, and to help remind them just how wonderful they really are.

My words are smiles wrapped in hugs. They are life lessons I have learned along my journey. My spirit guide, the Raven, who has walked with me and shared my path, shares these words with me. He has taught me how to listen to the drums that call me to dance, how to recognize winds of change, and how to soar, high above the lands and sea, to a place where I can watch life happen.

As a new author, publishing my own work, I never know from one day to the next who will pick up my book, who will read it and simply enjoy the warmth of the smiles or start to amble down a path of self-awareness and in turn share a smile.

And I’ve never known from one day to the next if what I’ve been doing is worth all the work: until now. These women of the Further Education Society have been out there with the battered and the abused, the uneducated and the forgotten, and the new souls seeking the right way to just belong. To hear them say what a wonderful thing my little book is has put a smile in my heart that will last for many lifetimes to come, and a tear filled with warmth and caring in these grey eyes.

For all of you out there who aren’t sure if you are good enough or capable enough to do something meaningful, or to be successful, I say believe in you, believe in everything you do and know from this point forward that everything you do means something to somebody. Sometimes the smallest of efforts can change the way you look at life, and can change the way a life looks.

Believe in who you be, for the world may not know you exist, but being makes you a part of existence.



The hardest part about being seen. . .


. . . is knowing you have to stand up.


I spent the greater part of my life happily living in the shadows of society. By this I mean I was quiet, I kept my opinions to myself, I sat at the back of the room, or I found a spot on the wall that matched my attire so as to blend in. I watched life, I listened, I grew at my own pace and danced to my own drums. I was happy being among the shadows. I was here but comfortably not here.


Very recently I stood up, and now I stand in a tough world—the world of readers and writers, authors and editors, e-books and indie publishing—and this world is as strange and new to me as outer space is to a first-time astronaut. I have watched, learned, and listened; I have heeded others’ advice and have become comfortable with who I am and what I am doing: writing my books and sharing my smiles. The hardest part for me now is getting the word out, sharing my words and my smiles with more of the world.


I am excited to see that when I enter “BawB’s Raven Feathers” into a search engine, I find multiple pages that link to my little books, in multiple languages, on multiple sites. I am starting to believe that my little books are on tables and shelves in millions of homes. Okay, maybe hundreds, but I believe I can do more to share more. I have followed the advice of Beth from Author Connections and thrown myself to the world via Twitter (thanks Carrie), Facebook, WordPress, Goodreads, and Google. I have given away a few hardcover editions on Goodreads and sold many to the local populace of Calgary and surrounding area, but I can do more.


I chose to stand up, my work and my effort are being seen and noticed now. I am sharing smiles and words of inspiration with many, but I would like to reach more people. Iguana Books has gratefully offered to help in this adventure of mine by sending the winners of my next giveaway e-book editions of BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol III.  Because only two or three were able to receive a paperback edition of my book as that was all I offered in my recent giveaway, I am going to offer free copies of the electronic edition to 30 Goodreads winners, but—yes there is a but—I would be grateful if these recipients posted or sent me a review to help me get my words and my smiles out to the world.


To all of my followers and readers that are as new in this world of writing as I am, it is indeed hard to stand up, but once you do, the world sees you, and the work you are doing starts to get noticed.  Indie or traditional, once you publish the work doesn’t stop, you have done something wonderful for the world and you want the world to see it. Believe in You.

In order to see what needs to be seen, you have to stand and look.

The only way you can learn from sitting is by reading a good book.




A circle is a circle. . .


. . when ends of a line are connected.


I am not sure how to start this post, or what to call it. I am purging to the universe, starting a new year with a clean conscience.  Every morning I write inspiring things, motivational things, spiritual things. Every morning I sit at my computer with a smile. And every morning I’ve started my day bearing what I think may be a grudge.


grudge (ɡrʌdʒ)


  1. 1.     a persistent feeling of resentment, esp one due to some cause, such as an insult or injury


I write about believing and being, about breathing and smiling and releasing stress. And yet I’ve been weighed down by a feeling I can’t “let go” of.  So today I write to the universe with hopes of releasing the burden of hurt. I was hurt by words and actions that were not in my control but that could have been controlled by others.


“Let it go,” “forgive and forget,” “move forward to the future and leave the past behind”—I can’t. Instead, I will use these uncomfortable feelings in my heart to better myself. I will share my positive energy through experience, not just through words that look good on paper.  Life is full of energy, positive AND negative, and I believe it is necessary to embrace both. Light needs darkness, yin needs yang, positive needs negative.


The more I write, the more the universe listens. I believe in myself, in who I am. I believe in taking the path that leads me to growth. I believe now that my grudge has been lifted, but I will still be the man I am. I will continue to be hurt by the actions of others because I am human with a soul, and I am allowed to feel. I choose not to forget what has transpired because it keeps me strong, but I forgive myself for feeling because I am human. I will let go of the negative energy that surrounds the hurt, but I will remember the lesson I have learned about life, that is, sometimes you can forgive the action but you will never forget the reaction.


My series of books contain heartfelt inspiration pertaining to topics such as choice, challenges, balance, and strength. I face many of the issues I write about, but I continue to smile. I choose to share my positive energy with the world, and so can you.


Walk your path because you can, feel the joy of being you,

Do the things that make you happy, share a smile that is true.






Walk your path. . .

. . .with determined steps.

I am very excited to announce the arrival of BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol III, Hard Cover editions soon to be available in the following stores in Calgary, Our Angels Wellness Center, Devine Mine, New Age books and Gifts, Fallen Angels Creations from Above, Soul Food Books and gifts, Shelf Life Books, The U of C Bookstore, Naughty Nellie  Artisans and Imports, The Bullet Cappucino Bar, Moonstone Creations, Dry Canyon Collectables Drumheller AB, and All Things Beautiful In Invermere BC. Visit each location for in store special offers for Christmas, or contact me directly for your copy at .

Paperback and e-books are available through Iguana Books or all online locations of your favorite store. Stay tuned for launch activities and book signings, and tune into to Goodreads for a giveaway.

My adventure continues with the help of all of my friends who support and believe in me, all of the people I am meeting that just want to share a smile and all of the people I will never meet that find my smile in the wind. Words of Thanks and appreciation are never enough for the wonderful members of my book family, Rachel Small – Editor, Carrie Mumford – Editor/Proof Reader, Fiona Raven –  Book Design, Jessee Wise – Illustrator, Beth Kallman Werner – Author Connections, Dana Faso – Friesens Printing, and Greg Ioannou – Iguana Books.

The path you walk will take you wherever you choose to be, the direction you are heading, the surface you walk on and the weather you walk in are all up to you. Choose sunny skies and no clouds will get in your way, choose a soft path and you will not grow tired, choose a direction that leads you to positive things and you will always grow. Most important is to believe you are going in the right direction, believe you are going to grow and believe in you. What ever you have chosen to do, do it well, do it with a smile, learn from it and share your knowledge of it.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, talk to people that have been to where you are going, ask for help or guidance, it’s ok to be lost occasionally, life doesn’t put up direction signs, but life will open doors of opportunity along the way. Pay attention, walk with your head up and look at the horizon, that text message can wait, life’s  “once in a  lifetime” opportunities will not.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a Very Merry Christmas, and I would like to Thank everyone for reading my Blog and my books, and for help in making my 2013  a wonderful year.

To each and every one of you I send a smile in the wind wrapped in positive energy for the coming year. May you all find happiness wherever you are looking.



Gone for a moment. . .


. . .but never forgetting.


The more I try to understand life, the more I seek new answers. I got the chance to retire and I took it, I put some time and effort into my books and got the first two published and set up the templates for more to follow. I have met some wonderful people and I have found strength in myself that I never knew existed. I have the strength to believe not only in me, but in the fact that others believe in me as well.


The confusing part here is, the time I spent on my books, was what I thought I wanted, I blogged every week, I had freedom to come and go, to be where I needed to be, I was where I thought I wanted to be, then something happened; I found myself missing people, interacting with people, seeing smiles, activity, movement. I found that I was loosing touch with earth energy, I could see it but I couldn’t dip my hand in it to feel it rush by. The energy of all things, the river of life was just out of my reach.


Oh it gets better, I wanted now to get back in the river, slowly mind you, one foot at a time, maybe just stand on the banks for a while to adjust. No, headfirst I went, no worries I thought, I could swim, just a relaxed stroke to stay where I was in the current. The banks seemed to get smaller; the river of energy was getting wider, more people, and more life, more living. I was going too far out, loosing my balance once again, I was losing my creative side, by focusing too much on staying stationary in a current that was getting stronger.


Metaphors aside, I went from one extreme to the other, writing every day to not writing at all. The reality came when my editor asked me to write some pages for BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol III, I said “no problem” but, there was this one little thing; I had nothing. My mind was a complete blank, a writer with no words, and a page with no meaning. I was devastated. But alas, I am a writer now, because I have had no words, because to all of you writers that are smiling, this is what writing is all about. We write because we want to, if we are forced to, we cant, if we choose not to, we miss it, writing is a release for us, a smile that comes form the inside and transforms into words. Keep smiling my friends and keep writing.


I write because I want to, it makes me want to smile

I’ll write these words I have to share, I hope, for quite a while.





So much to write. . .

. . . so little time.


I sit here every week and stare at a blank page, then I smile to myself and say, “Well, I could have been a rocket scientist.” This would have entailed doing amazing things at the drop of a hat, working with formulas written in Greek, and changing the explosive principles of combustible fuels. As it turns out, I am a learner, skilled in many trades, master of none. I can do things that make me smile, and I can smile at the things I do. And I find now that I am happiest when I sit here every week and stare at a blank page.


“We are all a work in progress,” says my friend Beth. Each of us is a blank page ready to be influenced by what we hear or read, stimulated by what we see or smell, and capable of expressing every emotion known to man. So to sit for a moment each week and see a clean, crisp, blank page in front of me is kind of refreshing. It is, I suppose, like looking in a mirror and seeing an expressionless reflection. As I reach for the keyboard, I must provide the reflection—what I did, how I felt, how I reacted to things.


Then I write. That’s what writers do (thanks Carrie). But we don’t all write the same way. Our blank pages are all different. Some are filled with adventure, some with lessons. Others create fictional characters, extensions perhaps of themselves. I write about BawB, a person I know very well, a person whom I am happy to be. I am my own character, the star of my own book. I am the reason for the blank pages and the creator of the words that fill them. “I am what I am ” Thanks Popeye.


It’s funny how the blank page fills so quickly with thoughts, and how our lives fill so quickly with memories. As I mentioned last week, the minutes that fill our lives should be filled with happiness. When we think back about where we have been, we should be able to fill in the blanks, the moments we cant remember, with a smile. You should be able to wake each day with a title page that says, “Today I choose to be happy, and my adventure continues.”


The words that fill your head to describe how you are feeling at any given moment can be edited by you, the author of your life. Fill your pages with positive words, aspirations, dreams, and goals; fill your life with wonder, then wonder how life will turn out.


Turn each page when you’re finished reading, but don’t forget what you’ve read;

For your story of life was written by you, and it should make you smile instead.






When words are written. . .


. . . feelings are shared.


It is not just for the sake of writing that I write; I write also to share what I feel and to offer my opinion on life. To the elderly life is fleeting; they see it pass quickly and know they can’t hold it back. To the young life lasts forever; they are always waiting for and wanting today what will inevitably arrive tomorrow. I seem to be caught in the middle; my life is whizzing by, and yet I seem to be waiting every day for tomorrow to arrive.


It seems recently I actually thought that I was too busy to sit down for a moment. I was busy looking forward to the release of the next volume of my book, I can’t wait for my next trip out with the little camper, and I yearn to feel the wind in my face on the highway with the bike. Ironically, I had thought that I was too busy to write . I felt pressured, feeling that I had to write every week. But when I stopped writing, I felt that I was missing something. I was missing not the writing but the sharing.


My life will pass, as will everyone else’s, and in order to enjoy every minute just a little bit more, I will continue to share what I experience. I will, every day, send to you a hug with words on my Facebook page; I will, with the help of my book family, continue to create the next volumes of my little book; and I will continue to read what you have to share. It is not just to write that I am here, but also to delve into the lives of others’ thoughts, feelings, awakenings, and journeys.


We all share a world, the same world, and we all have adventures, wonderful adventures. If we kept these adventures to ourselves, our libraries and bookstores would be empty warehouses and our stories and tales of laughter, sadness, and drama would go unheard. So I will continue to write; this time, however, I will write with no pressure—not for the sake of having to but for the love of sharing.


A road is a road to all those who see it, and if you take that road you’ll know:

you may not have a direction in mind, but there’s a story to write as you go.





Balance has many levels. . .


. . . but all those levels are equal.


What do you think of when you hear the word “balance”? Do you picture fulcrums, beams, and scales? Do you picture a state of balance, where things are perfectly level and in line. Do you ever think of a balanced lifestyle? Yours, for example? Are you balanced? Do you have equal amounts of work/play, stress/calm, happy/sad in your life?


I’ll bet that in your day-to-day life the last thing you ever think about is a balanced state of mind. In fact, I’ll bet that your life on any given day is about as hectic as anyone could ever imagine. But what if for one day you were mindful of balance? Try something easy at first, like keeping your body in balance by making sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated.


Then, as your day progresses, try something else easy—balance the number of times you smile with the number of times you frown. This one, though, can always be tweaked a little to allow you to smile more, which will balance your spiritual side, but that comes later. We’re still working on the easy things. Now what about your workload—is it possible to balance this as well? You likely have eight working hours in your day, two equal portions of four or four equal portions of two. Can you distribute tasks throughout your day to make your day easier and more balanced?


When your work day ends and you find yourself at home, resume the easy things; balance the time it takes for to you release the day’s stress with the time you take to enjoy the fact that you are home. Talk with your partner, say hello to your pets, share your day—unload the emotion connected to work, and load the feelings of calm that come with just being you. I understand that a lot of you have families, kids, and two or three jobs. Yours may be a very busy life, and I appreciate that, but what I am saying is just think about balancing the moments—your moments.


Find time in your life to breathe, to think about equal amounts of good and bad, busy and resting, night and day. It doesn’t take much to seek balance, and when you balance the time you spend looking for it with the time you are too busy, well, that will be the first step towards achieving it.


Between each step you practice balance, with one foot on the ground,

and balance keeps us all in sync with the life that we have found.