While you are waiting…

So, you have done all you can do and you are now experiencing the moments when you have nothing to do but wait. You have done the work of an author, you have written a book, and it has taken some long days, sleepless nights, lots of anxiety, self editing, self-doubt, lots of questions, lots of worrying, and all of this effort has led you to this point in your adventure when you have given your work, your “child” to someone else to look at, I mean, thats it right, you just want them to look at it, not make any changes, unless, they really think changes are necessary.

Well now it’s time to relax a little, if you have done this before then you know what to expect, if you are a new Indie author, then you are in for a fabulous adventure, what happens now, while you wait, is the fun part. Have you thought about marketing your book, do you have anyone to talk to about it, for that matter does anyone even know you have written a book and are publishing it? You know of course that now it’s all up to you to make sure people are aware of your work, and while you are waiting for the next step you begin this step.

Keep the excitement going, you’ve just written your first book, or perhaps another book, so start building an audience for your book, let your friends know, they all have friends, the word will flow from there, build a website, write a blog, if you already have these things then reactivate them, let your followers know you are there and alive and excited. It is your energy that creates the forward momentum, it is your smile that lights the way through the shadows of doubt you may experience.

My biggest thrill about being an author is I get to share my thoughts, my ambition, my energy. In the photo I am sitting on my motorcycle waiting for traffic to start moving again, and while I was waiting I was appreciating the moment I was in, I was surrounded by nature, friends, motorcycles and making new memories, and now I wait for my book to start moving, and I am appreciating the moment, I am surrounded by happiness, supported by friends and sharing my thoughts, inspiration and energy.

Nothing you do that feels right to you should ever stop you from growing,

You are always the flow of your energy and your smile should always be showing.


Changes need to happen…

In order to accommodate personal growth or self development, sometimes we need to incorporate changes, we need to make choices and we need to allow growth to happen, in whatever form that growth may appear, if it is a single step forward in any direction, it is growth. The challenges in life happen because life happens, and often we have no control over what happens in life, what makes it interesting is how we react to what life throws at us, how we adapt our dreams to fit in with where we are in the big scheme of things.

The important thing is to never quit dreaming, if you have an image in your mind of what you want to happen, keep that image as a reality, then work backward from there to make the dream happen. If it turns out that you can only do a portion of your dream right now, then make the portion important, if all you have is a piece then make the piece fit the picture you have, the rest of the pieces will come.

It is always up to you to decide what you want out of life, and believe me i have learned through experience that life is guaranteed to no one, tomorrow may or may not happen, so waiting to do what makes you happy only puts off that chance to be happy. Let your happiness happen, write your book, paint your picture, take the courses, find the job that makes you smile, you should never have to suffer while you’re making someone else rich, your life is too important, your light needs to shine for you… today!

Smile because you are you, you don’t have to settle, and don’t think you are settling if sometimes you have to change things a little, if you are making something happen that makes you smile then that is growing not settling.

Positive thoughts bring positive things, a bird won’t ask why, it’s just happy to sing.

WI:)ND 🌻😊

And so the flow begins…

“The flow” is so often referred to as something we are supposed to go with, the flow being someone else’s guidelines perhaps, or maybe a suggestion of how one should live so as not to create waves, the flow could very well be contrived expectations we are just supposed to ok with. Well, I for one have always had a problem with going with the flow, and believe it or not, my rebellious behaviour was sparked by simply watching nature, nothing in nature seemed to go with any flow, the river IS the flow, the wind IS the flow, the ice becomes the flow, in fact the flow is always altered or adapted to suit that which is living in it, take the industrious little Beaver for example, he actually stops the flow, to create an environment more suitable to him, and his family.

So, I now truly believe and am quite happy knowing that energetically speaking, I AM the flow, I create my own opportunity, I choose my own path, I make my own happiness happen. Where I am going with this is in the last 10 years I have watched, listened, learned, and saved all the information I needed to publish my books, that in itself became my flow, my creative energy flowing in a direction that led me to become a published author, now, so many years later I am still a published author and I still have more books to publish.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that everyone else may have a flow they might have to go with but I have found it is often easier to make things happen on your own. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, look around and see whats out there, you may find different ways of doing things, ways that may enhance the flow you have created.

Never stop creating, never be told you have to wait to create, never go with any flow that stops you from creating your happiness, and for goodness sake never say never, you are always the flow of your own energy, your happiness happens because you let it. I am making my book happen by working with people that appreciate the effort involved in making a smile happen, and those same people also know there are always going to be Smiles in the WI:)ND because I AM the flow of my own energy.

WI:)ND 🌻

Finding my ducks…

Making this decision to reignite the creative fires was an easy decision to make, but, it took a very long time to make it. For the longest time I believed it was not the right time, that perhaps the Universe wasn’t ready for my books to be published, and I let them go, thinking one day I would get a sign. Well, when reality finally hit me i realized it wasn’t a sign I was waiting for it was financial requirements that I needed to publish. There are costs involved for editing, designing, publishing, printing, marketing…etc. So, could it be that the Universe was actually waiting for me to understand the situation and rethink it.

I was definitely not in a financial position to publish a series of books, but, I can certainly publish one, and the timing right now is perfect to share some real, positive, from the soul inspiration with the world. We have had a year of gloom and doom, changes and mandates, new guidelines and desperate measures, people have forgotten how important a smile can be.

What I am enjoying the most about this adventure Is, I have been here before, but, everything still feels brand new. I am excited and overwhelmed, I am critical (I am my own worst critic) and I have reaffirmed my belief in the fact that I AM the flow, this direction I am choosing will take me where I need to be, and I will be smiling for the entire journey…

The most beautiful thing we will ever see

is our smile in the mirror when we are happy to BE.

WI:)ND 🌻

Blowing the dust off…

So, here I am after 3 years of inactivity, well, inactive on this site, I have been keeping active on my daily input on Facebook, and once a week or so adding my writers write pages, but, I woke recently with a desire to not only get back into my blog page but to blow the dust off of the tools i was once familiar with and reconnect with my creative side.

I am, as of January 1st 2021 officially engaged in the exciting task of getting my next book out there to the world, I felt like now, more than ever, the world needed some inspiration and some good positive energy. I believe we never lose our creative flow, often though it ebbs, still there, but unseen, unused, and it goes un-noticed, so, somewhere in my soul the spark ignited the fire and I could feel the flow return, I reactivated my website, bawbsravenfeathers.net and my blog page at wordpress, bawbsravenfeathers.com, I reached out to my “Book family” to let them know I was back, and I think I could actually feel the smiles I created.

I can give you what I have done so far, the cover is designed, the title will be Smiles in the WI:)ND and it will be filled with words and images created by me that come from my soul, there is nothing I enjoy more in this world than sharing smiles everyday and what I like to call my word-hugs. I will keep you up to date with my progress here on my blog site and I invite you to send me your smiles and if you need a little extra energy one day, you will know where to find me, I have lots to share.

And I will start this adventure with a huge shoutout to those in my book family that have always been there, and my friends I have grown to appreciate so very much for sharing smiles and energy, for without all of you, my words would go unread and become mearly my thoughts shared with my smiles… in the WI:)ND.

I believed one day I would write a book, I wrote 5, then I believed it would be sold in the big bookstores, and I saw it sitting on the shelf, and now I believe it will move from the local Authors section to where it will be noticed, I believe in positive thinking and I believe my next book will be noticed by those who need a smile.

Stay tuned…


Make your resolution. . .

…then ask yourself WHY?

The single most important thing that I choose to reflect on right now, is that you don’t have to wait for any particular day of any particular year to create a resolution, (that you probably won’t keep anyway) nor do you have to wait for something to go wrong to make changes.

I started a new little business a year ago, and it’s no coincidence that it feels like I have waited a year to “see” if it was going to work, well, it is working, but, could it be better, absolutely, did I wait too long before I decided to make some changes, again, ABSOLUTELY.

Do you find yourself waiting, if so for what? Do you have your own little business, and do you treat it like a business, if you had to wake up every morning and drive to a location, turn a key to open a door, lift the blinds and wait for people to walk in… would THAT feel more like a business?

Here’s the thing, and YES there’s a thing, I chose to run my little business, and in 2 days I am going to throw open the big double doors and start treating it like a store, my store, every now and then you will see a sign in my window letting you know what I do, If you walk into my store I will treat you like royalty, because you are a customer, because you are helping my store survive, if you tell your friends about my store I will remember you and make you feel important, if you like the products in my store I hope you tell me so I can share your success with others.

I will also say hello to other store owners, because they throw open their doors and greet the world with a smile every day, I get it now, you didn’t come to FB to buy things, you came here to be entertained, to live the drama, to hear the rumors, but, while you are here NOT buying things, smile at us, we are the store owners that run our little businesses so you have somewhere to go if you need anything. I guess we are the convenience stores open for you 24/7 so you have somewhere to stop as you drive to your brick and mortor jobs and make money for someone else so they can stay home and not shop on FB.

Believe in you my friends, use what you know to create the questions that help you to find the answers to what you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to make those changes to your life, don’t wait for the right time, or the right day, and for goodness sake don’t wait for a single day out of 365 to invent a resolution you probably have NO intention keeping…

Be happy being you every day, if you need a change then find the way, if negative happens don’t let it stay, and remember…work is work, you need time to play.

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If failing isn’t an option…

…then is success a fair goal.

I read that title a couple of times and it started to make more sense, what I meant by that statement was this; If you are going to take on a new challenge, and there was no chance to fail, then what would you learn, would the challenge have the same meaning. I practice every day to see the positive in all things, I have often said that fail is;

“F ound A nother I mportant L esson”

So I am OK with failing an attempt at something, if the attempt means you learned how to do it better next time. If you learned that it doesn’t mean you are any less of a person because you tried and did not succeed the first time, and especially if it means you look forward to trying again because it means something different now.

I absolutely love the thought of challenges, not just the ones that others offer, say, at work or in the gym, but the challenges you set up for yourself. Personally, I create challenges for myself every day, and at this point I think it might be the right time to admit I am not competitive, but like everyone else, I find beating the man I was yesterday feels pretty good, like when I go for my walk, yesterday I did 5k steps, today I shoot for 5010, yeah, I know, what’s 10 extra steps? Well to me its further than I went yesterday, and it’s not about the distance, its more about the determination.

Keep in mind as well, that challenges are not just physical, they are also emotional and spiritual, there are days when I wake up and I feel “tired” on a spiritual level, so I challenge myself to breathe, find my light and move forward. Emotionally I can lose myself occasionally, and it’s up to me to find myself, to remember who I am and why I am, and then challenge myself to be a better me.

It comes as no surprize then that I find such a wonderful fit for myself as an Author and now as a Social Marketer with an amazing company, you can probably imagine the challenges I set for myself on a day to day basis. I try to find a customer a day, someone willing to accept how easy it is to live with day to day products that are free of harsh chemicals and toxins, and then I try to find someone each week that may be interested in creating a business for themselves, something that can give them their time back and financial freedom. For me this business is creating the funds I need to publish my books, that is my WHY, that’s what drives me to challenge myself every day.

And yes, most certainly I fail, in fact I welcome failure in this industry because it helps me to grow, believe it or not, failure in the social marketing world means you face your fears, if you are afraid of talking to people, then you challenge yourself to reach out to one person a day, and you build from there. If you are afraid to BE out there, then you challenge yourself to start creating who you are, make your posts about you, about what you like, about what you do, then, working your way up to live videos to show the world that you are real… yes, it’s a huge challenge, and yes you might fail at first, but, you will also learn who you are, and most importantly, you will learn to believe in yourself.

Believe in you and see what happens, you will recognize the person you are meant to BE.

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You want to try being successful…

. . .first become successful at being.

I had so much fun on this adventure, experiencing the ups and downs of direct sales and social marketing, I share what I’m doing with as many people as I can, then hope they make a choice to purchase.

It’s kind of similar to writing I suppose, a writer does something they enjoy doing so very much and then they hope that what they wrote becomes as enjoyable reading it as writing it. In the marketing business those of us that are brand new to the industry are mentored, groomed, and led, by leaders that have experienced the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and have become successful by working towards it and by simply being themselves and sharing what they are passionate about. I have a feeling this way of life has been around since the cavemen created the first wheel then sold their wheel to others, ok, so I love the comic strip titled B.C. by Mastroianni and Hart, it is one of my favourites, but the point is, there are always things that are out there that someone needs or wants and it takes someone else to share them.

That takes me to the part about being successful, this is a part of the adventure that is all up to the individual, success cannot be bought, I believe it must be earned, and it should be appreciated because you have earned it. The definition of success will vary with each that seeks it, for some it is simple, as in passing a test or meeting a challenge or goal, for others it becomes more involved, by striving to be the best you can be at whatever you are doing.

In this industry success involves work, it means getting out of bed EVERY morning believing in you, believing that you can do this, believing that you are strong enough, proud enough and willing enough to accept all the challenges, appreciate the ups and learn from the downs, it involves believing in the products you share, whatever they are, from widgets and whatnots to household and wellness products, you need to use them, enjoy them and present them with a passion, the people you are sharing with need to believe in you before they will look at what you are sharing.

So, my friends and faithful readers, let me thank you for helping me enjoy what I love doing by reading what I have written, and for those of you that are just starting out on a new adventure, any adventure, believe in you and success will follow. Carve out that perfect wheel for you and roll with it.

If you wake each morning with your biggest smile and say that you believe

Then success will greet you where you are and good things you will receive.

WI:)ND 🌻

If you don’t look where you’re going. . .

You will never know where you’ve been.


So much has happened in the last little while, and I know that sounds cliché but, unless we take a moment and reflect once in a while, we never really understand the “movement”. It seems like forever since I have sat down and transferred thought to paper, and to most it is a task that seldom makes back burner status, but to a writer, it is a “glitch”, a feeling that something is missing, almost an emptiness caused by a disconnection to the world, or in my case, I feel like I have not chatted with the Universe to let it know I am well, and to thank it for guiding my thoughts and sharing with me the energy of life.


Where do I start? Even that in itself is a question I have been asked lately, “where is your mindset when you sit down to write” and “how do you know what to say”. I will address those two things first; My mindset when I sit down to write is open, open to all that is positive and peaceful in the Universe, I feel balance, and I try not to focus on any one thing, rather, I wait to feel what comes to my mind first, then I roll my thoughts into words, the finished product is usually something inspirational and motivating, and with a little tweaking is perfect to share with the world. Second; I never “know” what to say, in fact, what happens is I “feel” what needs to be said. I guess an easy way to explain that is; if I see a picture of a flower, I feel the beauty of the flower, I feel the sunshine, the breeze, the dew left behind by the dawn, I feel the energy the flower shares with all who take the time to smell it… I “feel” what the flower feels and put it into words.


Now, on to my update, I have met SO many wonderful people recently, people that share the energy in the company I am with, people that are grateful to live clean healthy lifestyles, to have actually found youth and vitality just by trying something new and wonderful. But, its not all about the company, it’s about these people, sure they are all running their business, but they took the time to get to know me, who I am, what I do, they read my books, they follow my FB page, some have even shared smiles that found my heart and brought new light to my life.


These “things” that happen in our life, happen because we believe, because we ask the Universe for positive change, well, let me tell you, my world is FILLED with positive change, my business is growing, my books (Series II of BawB’s Raven Feathers) have been proofed and will be off to design shortly, but best of all, I have become re-acquainted with a man I have not seen in a while, I was introduced by a wonderful friend to Robert Chomany, the man responsible for the books, for the smiles, for the inspiration, the man my Mom, Bless her heart, raised me to be.


It seems somehow I grew comfortable hiding behind a book title, a name, an image, I was so comfortable being invisible that I forgot about how incredibly rewarding it is to be seen. I am Robert Chomany, I am proud, and I am Inspired to share with the Universe this person I am happy to BE.


When you feel the wind, then spread your wings, its time for you to soar,

There is a time for you to see yourself, how beautiful you are and even more..


It’s not always what you think you see. . .

. . .sometimes it’s just meant to be.

I have been growing in the last three months, growing and learning and listening, and most importantly I have been watching others become successful, doing exactly the same thing, it inspires me to watch them and learn, it creates a positive path for me to walk on, with an obtainable goal, and without a “finish line” it makes this journey more fun, it turns it into and adventure.

But let’s take a minute and figure out how I got here, or more importantly how we ALL get here. It starts when we’re 5, we are led to school by our parents or guardians, and we are told to listen to some total strangers tell us what to do, when to do it and how to do it. We are told how to dress, how to behave, how to read and write, how to create formulas using the Pythagorean theory, then after twelve long agonizing years we are released, only to discover yet another path where we can once again become students but on a much higher level. Another four or five years pass and we are finally free, to become ourselves, to use this knowledge we have gained and create a life for ourselves… by working for someone else. By becoming someone else’s profit maker, being told what to do, and when to do it, being given impossible timelines and being told when we can eat, when we can have coffee, when to arrive, when to leave, what to wear and how to behave. Huh, sounds like one of those full circles we hear so much about but never believe could happen to us.

Then comes the dream, you focus that part of your brain that remains yours, the part that wasn’t changed or altered by society, the part that still dreams, and you use it… to dream of winning the lottery… that’s right, you have succumbed to what you believe to be your escape, your deliverance from societies evil oppressive ways. You fixate on something that may or may not happen, I won’t say it can’t, it could happen, but, could it happen too late, what if it happens on your eighty second birthday, are you going to be able to jump for joy?

So, now, fast forward back to today, back to my adventure, something I have never done before, something most of us have never done before…work for no-one else… I work for myself, I dress how I choose, come and go as I please, I can get sick without feeling guilty, and best of all, the money I make, goes in MY pocket, for my trips, my cars, my pets my purpose. Yeah, I know, you’ve read this far, and now you think I either won the elusive lottery or I’m selling something, well, no to both. What I have done is taken the opportunity that was presented to me, I jumped off of societies doomed ship to nowhere, and I landed on my own ship, one that I steer, a fine sturdy ship with tall sails that catch the wind, I have found my adventure.

It’s totally not what I thought it was, and I am making it become what I need it to be, it is my own small business, it is my contribution to the world, it is showing people how to make their own choices, you don’t have to buy and use something because the TV and multimillion dollar ads tell you to, you can choose to live your own way, shop where you want and buy what you like. Break free of societies grip, of the brain washing, of the titles and negative energy put on small businesses. Support your friends, support your neighbours, and oh yeah, support YOURSELF, ask yourself why you are continuing to put money in your boss’s pocket, or in the bank of a multi-billion-dollar chain store.

Find something that interests you and DO IT, I’m not saying drop everything and go, I’m saying take a chance to become a part time social marketer, or a customer, spread the word for your friend’s small business and feel good about yourself, feel good because you have helped someone create a life for themselves, then consider your own life, and yes my friends, you can do this… I did.

Choose to live your own life, it is yours after all… WI:)ND