About BawB

BawB's BioI was born in January of ’58, right here in Calgary, where I have been is history, where I am going is unknown, I am still living here today. As I started my journey I had an Idea I was going to enjoy life, one way or another I would learn to appreciate living and simply being me. One thing led to another and I eventually ambled off into the mountains, where I was introduced to myself on a spiritual level, and my spirit guide the Raven helped me find balance, we spent many a day chatting about life, living and being, he shared with me his feathers of life, I share them now with you.

I will share with you my adventures on the path on which I have walked, you are welcome to dance to the sound of my spirit drums if you hear them in the wind, and I hope to inspire you to reflect on your own journey and cherish the memories you have made along the way.


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