Writers write…

Well, it has been a short while since my last post as I have been busy with the final steps of getting my new little book ready for launch, stay tuned my friends I am almost there and I am SO grateful and excited at the same time.

On a lighter note I had the most fun I have had for a while during a driving course recently. As an instructor I am required to evaluate a driver while we are on the road, I am looking for hand positions on the wheel, braking, throttle control, lane position and of course the attitude of the driver (the most important piece of driving) and this is my favorite as I believe it is an energy thing. I get to sit with someone I don’t know and share what I know without being critical or sounding like an “instructor”, my favorite way to do this is by using a little humor whenever I can.

I was out recently with a wonderful soul, and she was a top notch driver, she was making my job easy and enjoyable, so while we were out on the rural leg of our adventure my mind was relaxed and I was enjoying the countryside and appreciating nature. I noticed some wetlands, now goodness knows i have driven by these wetlands many times, but this particular day I really noticed them and I wondered how deep they might be.

Sure enough, because I was in the right seat and had all the time in the world to actually process this question, I came to the realization that these ponds did indeed have a depth, they were in fact Duck Butt Deep, I was able to establish that the waterfowl inhabiting these ponds were obviously feeding off the bottom while exposing there…uhhh… watertight areas. Therefore i resolved that most ponds in the Rural areas of Alberta are are Duck Butt Deep, while some ponds are Goose Butt Deep which is just a tad deeper than Duck Butt Deep and unacceptable to the smaller ducks in the area.

And now you know…🦆

I LOVE my job😎

2 comments on “Writers write…

  1. A most appropriate description! haha

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