We are the flow…

I was reminded this morning how important it is to appreciate life, all life, and to understand that each of us plays some part be it small or large in someone else’s life, often we are unaware at just how important we may be. Every morning I share my thoughts and my inspiration on my Facebook page, and every morning I have no idea who I reach, or who may find benefit from my words, I just know it makes my heart smile every morning to have the opportunity.

I know there are others in the world that are as bright and determined to make the world a better place, in fact i feel somedays like I am surrounded by the kindest, brightest souls in the universe and together we are making smiles happen. This morning however i was shown by the universe that it is important to support each other, to do everything humanly possible to help others believe in themselves without feeling responsible for their flow, that is out of our control. We can lead, show, nudge, guide or point out directions, but it is always up to an individual to make their own choices, good or bad, right or wrong, the choices are up to them, and we can watch them learn, their way, their own lessons, and live with the outcomes, because we have had ours, we have made our choices and we are here now because of them, to share what we know.

Kindness comes in many forms, for me it is the ability to see energy, to read people and focus on their positive energy, I believe in my direction, and most of all I believe in the souls that surround me, and they all support me because we share the same belief:

People are people and life will happen, and our energy will set us apart, but some people need help to be better people and that always comes from the heart.

WI:)ND 🌻😊🦋🤗

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