While you wait…

Have you ever noticed how long things seem to take when you wait for them to happen? What do you do while you are waiting? Do you have a method to the madness for that which you seek?

I shared a theory a while ago of how i believe time passes differently in different situations, and the slowest of which is the near stand still of time while we are waiting for something, but, I am sure it is entirely dependant on whatever it is we are waiting for. For example; if we are waiting for results it can take a lifetime (especially if our lifetime is concerned) as compared to waiting for paint to dry or a cake to bake, we know the outcome, but it does not require waiting, per se.

Now having said this I find myself waiting for my book, not “counting the minutes” waiting, but “anticipating the outcome” waiting. I am looking forward to the cover, the content, the design, the subtle restructuring of the manuscript, and this is the positive beneficial waiting that we all experience occasionally, and I am also realizing that it has taken a lifetime of learning how to appreciate waiting for things to develop the patience required to enjoy the wait. I have also acquired the ability to walk away from a line knowing I don’t have to wait, it is a choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand how the negative impact of waiting can make it an unwanted experience, but, it is also becomes a means of achieving a calmer zen-like inner you, you just need to adjust your mindset, don’t count the minutes, enjoy them, don’t hold your breath, enjoy breathing, and most important, don’t wait, appreciate.

Take the time to be grateful for having the time to wait, don’t waste your life rushing things, enjoy things, life will happen when it happens, and your happiness is created by you in the moment you make it, not tomorrow or the next day, don’t wait to be happy, be happy while you’re waiting.

WI:)ND 🌻😊

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