While you are waiting…

So, you have done all you can do and you are now experiencing the moments when you have nothing to do but wait. You have done the work of an author, you have written a book, and it has taken some long days, sleepless nights, lots of anxiety, self editing, self-doubt, lots of questions, lots of worrying, and all of this effort has led you to this point in your adventure when you have given your work, your “child” to someone else to look at, I mean, thats it right, you just want them to look at it, not make any changes, unless, they really think changes are necessary.

Well now it’s time to relax a little, if you have done this before then you know what to expect, if you are a new Indie author, then you are in for a fabulous adventure, what happens now, while you wait, is the fun part. Have you thought about marketing your book, do you have anyone to talk to about it, for that matter does anyone even know you have written a book and are publishing it? You know of course that now it’s all up to you to make sure people are aware of your work, and while you are waiting for the next step you begin this step.

Keep the excitement going, you’ve just written your first book, or perhaps another book, so start building an audience for your book, let your friends know, they all have friends, the word will flow from there, build a website, write a blog, if you already have these things then reactivate them, let your followers know you are there and alive and excited. It is your energy that creates the forward momentum, it is your smile that lights the way through the shadows of doubt you may experience.

My biggest thrill about being an author is I get to share my thoughts, my ambition, my energy. In the photo I am sitting on my motorcycle waiting for traffic to start moving again, and while I was waiting I was appreciating the moment I was in, I was surrounded by nature, friends, motorcycles and making new memories, and now I wait for my book to start moving, and I am appreciating the moment, I am surrounded by happiness, supported by friends and sharing my thoughts, inspiration and energy.

Nothing you do that feels right to you should ever stop you from growing,

You are always the flow of your energy and your smile should always be showing.


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