And so the flow begins…

“The flow” is so often referred to as something we are supposed to go with, the flow being someone else’s guidelines perhaps, or maybe a suggestion of how one should live so as not to create waves, the flow could very well be contrived expectations we are just supposed to ok with. Well, I for one have always had a problem with going with the flow, and believe it or not, my rebellious behaviour was sparked by simply watching nature, nothing in nature seemed to go with any flow, the river IS the flow, the wind IS the flow, the ice becomes the flow, in fact the flow is always altered or adapted to suit that which is living in it, take the industrious little Beaver for example, he actually stops the flow, to create an environment more suitable to him, and his family.

So, I now truly believe and am quite happy knowing that energetically speaking, I AM the flow, I create my own opportunity, I choose my own path, I make my own happiness happen. Where I am going with this is in the last 10 years I have watched, listened, learned, and saved all the information I needed to publish my books, that in itself became my flow, my creative energy flowing in a direction that led me to become a published author, now, so many years later I am still a published author and I still have more books to publish.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that everyone else may have a flow they might have to go with but I have found it is often easier to make things happen on your own. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, look around and see whats out there, you may find different ways of doing things, ways that may enhance the flow you have created.

Never stop creating, never be told you have to wait to create, never go with any flow that stops you from creating your happiness, and for goodness sake never say never, you are always the flow of your own energy, your happiness happens because you let it. I am making my book happen by working with people that appreciate the effort involved in making a smile happen, and those same people also know there are always going to be Smiles in the WI:)ND because I AM the flow of my own energy.

WI:)ND 🌻

One comment on “And so the flow begins…

  1. Arlene sawdo says:

    Love these book gentle , inspiring , and very well put together.. so looking forward to the next set. 💕🪶

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