Finding my ducks…

Making this decision to reignite the creative fires was an easy decision to make, but, it took a very long time to make it. For the longest time I believed it was not the right time, that perhaps the Universe wasn’t ready for my books to be published, and I let them go, thinking one day I would get a sign. Well, when reality finally hit me i realized it wasn’t a sign I was waiting for it was financial requirements that I needed to publish. There are costs involved for editing, designing, publishing, printing, marketing…etc. So, could it be that the Universe was actually waiting for me to understand the situation and rethink it.

I was definitely not in a financial position to publish a series of books, but, I can certainly publish one, and the timing right now is perfect to share some real, positive, from the soul inspiration with the world. We have had a year of gloom and doom, changes and mandates, new guidelines and desperate measures, people have forgotten how important a smile can be.

What I am enjoying the most about this adventure Is, I have been here before, but, everything still feels brand new. I am excited and overwhelmed, I am critical (I am my own worst critic) and I have reaffirmed my belief in the fact that I AM the flow, this direction I am choosing will take me where I need to be, and I will be smiling for the entire journey…

The most beautiful thing we will ever see

is our smile in the mirror when we are happy to BE.

WI:)ND 🌻

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