Blowing the dust off…

So, here I am after 3 years of inactivity, well, inactive on this site, I have been keeping active on my daily input on Facebook, and once a week or so adding my writers write pages, but, I woke recently with a desire to not only get back into my blog page but to blow the dust off of the tools i was once familiar with and reconnect with my creative side.

I am, as of January 1st 2021 officially engaged in the exciting task of getting my next book out there to the world, I felt like now, more than ever, the world needed some inspiration and some good positive energy. I believe we never lose our creative flow, often though it ebbs, still there, but unseen, unused, and it goes un-noticed, so, somewhere in my soul the spark ignited the fire and I could feel the flow return, I reactivated my website, and my blog page at wordpress,, I reached out to my “Book family” to let them know I was back, and I think I could actually feel the smiles I created.

I can give you what I have done so far, the cover is designed, the title will be Smiles in the WI:)ND and it will be filled with words and images created by me that come from my soul, there is nothing I enjoy more in this world than sharing smiles everyday and what I like to call my word-hugs. I will keep you up to date with my progress here on my blog site and I invite you to send me your smiles and if you need a little extra energy one day, you will know where to find me, I have lots to share.

And I will start this adventure with a huge shoutout to those in my book family that have always been there, and my friends I have grown to appreciate so very much for sharing smiles and energy, for without all of you, my words would go unread and become mearly my thoughts shared with my smiles… in the WI:)ND.

I believed one day I would write a book, I wrote 5, then I believed it would be sold in the big bookstores, and I saw it sitting on the shelf, and now I believe it will move from the local Authors section to where it will be noticed, I believe in positive thinking and I believe my next book will be noticed by those who need a smile.

Stay tuned…


One comment on “Blowing the dust off…

  1. Excited for you in this new chapter in your adventure! WI:)ND

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