Words are a gift and a tool. . .


. . . to be used for building and sharing.


It’s funny how a writer can go for a while without writing and they don’t lose their title of “writer”. I have raised quite a stir at times when I chat with my proof reader Carrie and my editor Rachel, as I have called myself a “wroter” which, of course, is a writer who “has written” a thing or two. Today I sit in my office with what to me seems like things worth sharing, highlights I suppose of this particular writers’ adventure.


Let’s start with a “Heart-warming” moment that occurred with my new big black equine friend Dracula. If you have read anything I have written, you will know I am a spiritual individual, I believe in energy, I believe we are all energy, sharing the same flow of life, and animals are on a level all their own. Animals communicate without judging, they speak every language, and for the most part, they tolerate humans unconditionally, because we choose to look after them they learn to communicate with us.


So, there I was, on a typical morning of chores feeding and hugging the herd of six including Drac, but this morning was a little different. I was greeted as usual by Paris, followed closely by Vienna mare and Katie, but Drac was not moving, he stayed in the lean-to with just his head showing, watching me sharing my hugs with the mares. Well, I have learned a little over this last while and one of the things I have learned is if there is a bond there is an attraction, instead of going to him, I turned my back and thought of him, before I could reach a count of ten I felt that wonderful soft nudge (soft for a thousand-pound friend) on my back, he came to me for his hug… it’s the little things in life that fill my heart with joy.


Now on to a book moment, my awesome editor Rachel and I have completed Vol VIII of series two and will be working shortly on Vol IX, and as always I take these opportunities to make sure she knows just how incredible she is for doing what she does so well, Thank you Rachel. I hope to have everything done for a November launch of series two along with a second edition (reprint) of Series One to get out to the world for Christmas. This of course is my way of letting the Universe know it’s going to happen and to help me find that sponsor or investor to help with publishing costs.


Yes my keen in-tune friends, that was a Segway, as it would seem the Universe found me my Nerium friends, I have had nothing but positive feedback over the last little while and SO much help from everyone including one individual in particular, who shall remain nameless, Thanks KC  🙂  as well as others that have filled my heart with happiness. These products work, and that’s why it’s so easy to share them. The blog I shared a few weeks ago was an effort to get the word out, to share what I know about an amazing company with people I have never met, which then makes it their choice if they would like to change their lives for the better.


The response was amazing, so many likes and so many emails asking how to join and what to do, so with this post I am going to reach out again to my readers in Japan, right now you are all on the brink of a life changing moment, Nerium is opening there in July, this is your opportunity to create your own adventure, do your research, then make the choice to change your life. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or my friends Sherry or KC, we would love to chat with you about this adventure.






Things that happen have a reason you know

They give you a chance for a smile to show.






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