Is there a right time to write. . .

. . . yes, write now.


I promised myself when I got back from New York over a month ago that I would sit down and share my experience in writing, well, the intent was there. This was my second appearance at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the first was a year ago as a finalist for Best Cover Design Non Fiction, this year, two awards, Winner Best Overall Design Non- Fiction, and Finalist for the Gift/Specialty/Novelty category.

Yes, the “once in a lifetime dream” that rarely happens to most people, has happened twice in my lifetime… so far.

I am learning on this adventure, that “once in a lifetime” is only a saying, just words now that mean things can happen as often as you let them, if you put your mind to it. I had never written a book before, so that was a first, I had never submitted and won anything for books that I had written, so that was a first, and I had never created a boxed set of five volumes of books, submitted them, and won awards for them, so, that was also a first. All of these first events could very easily be “once in a lifetime” things, but for me they are now new achievements, challenges and milestones, on my adventure.

This time however my trip was even better than the first, I knew what to expect, I felt more at home in the Harvard Club (if that’s even possible) and I was relaxed. I was treated like I was special, (because I was special) in a room full of amazing, remarkable and talented people, we were all welcomed and our work was celebrated with applause, medals, certificates and pride. The evening was for ME, and of course every other author and writer in the room, but for a moment it was just me, and I will cherish that once, or should I say, twice in a lifetime moment.

No one should ever tell you that you can’t do something, because that just makes it a challenge, and if you don’t know something can’t be done then it becomes easier for you to do. I will continue doing things I have never done before, I will continue to do things for the first time, and with some positive energy and an optimistic outlook on life, I will continue to share my smiles with the universe. Wherever the awards are going to be, I would like to think I will take part again one day, because there should be no limits on how many times in a lifetime something wonderful can happen.

Writers should write and share their words, and positive people should smile, enjoy being you and whatever you do, make the joy of success last a while.



NGIBA_2015_Winner_RV - website IMG_1482

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