When you pick up a pen. . .

. . . stories will happen.


If you have been following me for a while you would have discovered that I am not a writer, although my proofreader Carrie and my editor Rachel would argue this. I do indeed write, every morning at 0600 in fact. I write my inspiration and send it to the universe, so, for the sake of argument over semantics, in MY mind a writer is someone with a creative flair who can wield a pen like a sword, and carve a story out of a thought or a memory.


However, having said that, when I don’t write in my blog for a couple of weeks I actually miss writing, and at this point I must apologize, I still remember fondly the art of using a pen, actually writing, in fact I have had the pure pleasure of experiencing the feeling, and hearing the sound of writing with a quill and ink, calligraphy, it was very relaxing and it was a remarkable release of creative energy, but, no one read what I wrote, they were stories I wrote to myself and then tucked away… yes, stories happened.


So now I write, watching the words form on my Mac, letter by letter, corrected, highlighted, spaced and checked, sure, they are my words but I am hung up on the term “writer”. I wonder if one day in the not so distant future, they will change the title of writer, to “someone who has typed a book”. 🙂


Update now on BawB’s Raven Feathers, I am absolutely overwhelmed with the activity the Box Set is creating, my numbers are growing on Goodreads, the reviews I am getting from those that have taken a moment to share, are supportive and positive. I am in a very good place emotionally these days because I finished this part of my adventure. I was terrified, I had no idea what to expect but I pushed through, with the support of my friends and my book family, WE created a beautiful gift of inspiration wrapped in a glossy white graphically pleasing slipcase.


Will I continue? Well if my most awesome editor has anything to say about it, yes, we will create Series Two over the next few years, once the dust settles from this adventure I will begin the next, so I sit now pen in hand… oops… I mean keyboard at the ready, to embark on a new adventure along a now familiar (but still very exciting) path.


Follow through on your journey, with every step you will take

attach a smile to the memories, your adventures are going to make.






One comment on “When you pick up a pen. . .

  1. Yes, you sure will if I have anything to say about it 😉 Happy writing . . . typing . . .

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