You can feel the excitement. . .

. . .because you create it.


Today I sit on the doorstep of my future, the door is wide open, because I opened it. My future will be, by design, the future I would like to see because I designed it. Well, truthfully, I would like to see what I have designed become reality, but that would mean my little book needs to be successful out there, and so far it’s doing really well.


But it doesn’t stop there, I have learned there is more to this writing thing than just writing and publishing, there is now a new appreciation of others that have written or are writing a book. I feel some sort of camaraderie, a bond of words and actions that create a friendship in the same room or across an ocean. The events in this adventure have happened slowly, first the writing and illustrating then editing, designing, printing, publishing, sure, it sounds fast written in a sentence, but it has taken 3 years to arrive here, and now that I am here I am seeing and sharing smiles with others just like me.


Allow me to share an image I just got in my mind, I started this adventure at the bottom of a mountain, I had no idea how high this mountain was because half way up there was a layer of clouds, I couldn’t see through them, no worries, I started climbing anyway. Sure enough I came to the clouds I had no idea what to expect but I knew which way was up so I kept climbing, the clouds dissipated, I could see the top of the mountain and now I start to see other climbers, others like me that have started there own adventure and chose to climb through the clouds.


At this point I will be honest with you, I may not reach the top of this mountain, but I will never stop climbing and enjoying the view from wherever I am, and just so the universe is aware that I’m putting it out there, I would love to reach the top and place my flag…uh… books, among the many other amazing authors that have preceded me.


Until then, I will smile with those that have made it through the clouds on the same mountain, Kyla McMullin – Warrior, Patricia Lee Como – 21 Days in Maui, Patricia Klinck – Each Step is the Journey… and I have met so many more wonderful up and coming authors and writers. I will continue to meet more on this adventure, and I will continue to climb while keeping the horizon always in my view, together we will give the world something to read and together we will share the smiles of our successes, and the lessons of our successors.


Success can be measured on an outcome that you set,

and should be based on the enjoyment that you get.







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