Happiness is sharing things. . .


. . . the things that make you happy.


Since I started this adventure three years ago I have spent a great deal of time learning about things I knew nothing about. One of the things I was taught along the way was to notice subtle changes, the little things, and appreciate all the forward movement I could generate. So my marketing person Beth with Author Connections took a great deal of time and patience to explain to me the benefits of social networking, “get out there” she said, “join all the sites that have anything to do with books and authors, and make yourself known”. Well at first I didn’t understand quite what it meant, but I did what I was told, and I pursued all the sites I could find.


One of the first was Goodreads , I signed on in December of 2012 with my first book BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol I, I had no ratings, no followers and no idea where any of this would go. Today I have had 5 giveaways and I am currently featuring my 6th, with over 2300 people requesting one of my books, add to that 952 people have my little book on their “to read” shelf, I have a 4.81 avg rating, and so far I have received very positive reviews from those that have read and enjoyed my books… these things make me happy.


Another of the things I was told to work on was my blog page, this very blog page, my third anniversary on WordPress was December 15/2014, and at first it seemed like I would never finish what I had started, what I didn’t know then was that there is no finish line, no end, there is only writing or not writing, sharing my thoughts or thinking them to myself, well, the numbers are in, I passed the 500 likes mark, I have written 110 pages and I have 123 followers out there and it keeps growing every week…these things also make me happy.


My box set sales are doing very well and my stores here in Calgary are all selling my little books, every month more smiles are shared and more people are talking about it. I found out today that my little book is finding its way into Schools and learning facilities because it shares the beauty of life and inspires using my poetic quotes that are grounded and life affirming, to simply believe in being happy being who you are… these things make me very happy.


But, truth be known, between you and me, I think the thing that makes me the happiest is being able to share these things with you, and by you I mean whoever it is that reads these pages. I hope to inspire anyone out there that has just started on an adventure and isn’t sure what to expect, well, my advice to you is expect nothing and you will never be disappointed, and for goodness sake, enjoy the little things that make you happy, then share your happiness, it really is contagious.


Take the time to appreciate all the things that you can do

All the things that make it easy to be happy being you.





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