I wish I knew what I didn’t know. . .

. . . when I started to learn what to do.


We all start out a new challenge or a new task by wondering what it is we don’t know, how much will we need to learn to become if not proficient, then at least capable in the shortest time possible. I am sure in the 100+ blog pages I have written I must have said this before, but the most important lesson I have learned is to ask the questions to find the answers. The only silly question you have is the one you didn’t ask.


I speak specifically today to up and coming authors, first book publications, self published works, you all know who you are, and if none of you read this then your friends that do can share it with you. Life really is simpler these days, as all it takes is going to Google and asking your question, BUT, the pages of responses you see flash up before you must be filtered and sorted by you, to find the answer that best resolves or even closely resolves your question.


What you may not know is that behind every answer to every question is someone else’s perception of the reason you asked the question in the first place. If you wake up each morning and you are stuck on the fundamental question “ why am I here?” then the answer is obvious, you’re here to ask questions, if however you wake each morning with “ah ha… I get it now!” then you are here to answer them.


My favorite question lately is “how can I help?” and of course I can answer it now, I can help by sharing, with the inspiration in my books and with each page of my blog. Each time I post a page I wonder who might read it, will it help, will it persuade someone else to write and share what they know, could my pages possibly point someone in the direction of my editor, who would gladly take a moment to look at their project and help them with a Faultless Finish to their work, or my designer whose wealth of knowledge could make a simple project into a remarkable one.


Each of us has something we can share that could help someone if they should ask, but the most important, most over looked thing we all have is the smile we share when we first answer their question, because that smile will let them know their question was heard and its always ok to ask.


Ask those questions you’re afraid to ask, most have been asked before

Prepare yourself for how good you can do, if learning is no longer a chore.






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