Today’s path will take you into tomorrow. . .

. . . if it’s the same path you walked on yesterday.


So here I go, a new beginning to a now familiar path. Series one of BawB’s Raven Feathers was such a fabulous learning experience; I have met so many new people and learned a great deal about writing and self-publishing. Three years ago I couldn’t have told you what an ISBN was, now I have a bank of them for my upcoming projects, three years ago you could have entered my name on Google and you would have seen one or two items come up, now you will see one or two pages of reference to my books and tours and accomplishments.


Where do I go from here, what’s next, how soon? still I am learning every day, still I communicate with the people that guide me on this path, to share with them my ideas and listen intently to the advice and opinions they share back. Will there be a series two? Yes, I think so, the material is there, my editor and designer are excited about it, and I’m thinking I can’t quit now, it feels like I am just getting started.


Is it just me or do we seem to get a little more artistic as we grow older, painters paint, writers write, musicians play and overall, life after 50 just seems to get more graceful. We are in less of a hurry to live it, we no longer rush our time away by waiting for the weekends, instead we can find a way to relax on any day we happen to be in. Having said that I am guilty of saying I am almost 60 as my 57th birthday approaches, no, I’m not in a rush to be 60 but I do understand what it means to cherish the time I have left, 90 is a long way off from where I’m standing, but really, I can see 60 from here, and I love how it looks.


So I will start my year off with a positive blog, filled with inspiring energy for all of the artistic souls out there, young and old, fill your brushes with paint and create images of wonder, fill your pages with words and inspire readers to read. Take on your challenges this year with a desire to accomplish something different, keep your goals achievable, if you fail, learn from the lesson, when you succeed, share the excitement.


I will be following this familiar path to unfamiliar places, I will continue to share my smiles with the wind and I hope one day to see more of you sharing your smiles in whatever way makes them happen.






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