What happens in a writers life. . .

. . .when a writer has nothing to write?


Well in this writers life it seems the weeks between the time the files for a book are uploaded to the printer and the arrival of the books are the longest weeks of your life. Now you can double the anticipation if it is December and you are hoping the books make it for Christmas, and believe it or not, you can triple the already overwhelming anticipation if you throw in something new, like a beautifully designed slip case that is going to enclose the five volumes of the first series of books you have published.


During these weeks that take forever, I find I am productive non the less, tweaking files for the paperbacks at Ingram Spark, chatting with New Shelves to make sure everything is in place for smooth and worry free distribution, planning a launch locally (without setting a time or place until I have my book in hand) creating a Pubslush campaign and a give away on GoodReads, submitting an entry to the Indie awards, posting inspirational quotes on Facebook every morning, trying to Tweet more and all without becoming a pest to those that share my path. Waiting can sometimes bring out my over anxious behavior when I have too much time on my hands.


So you want to be a writer, well for goodness sakes write, and when you think you have nothing to write about, I for one will know why. I speak from experience when I say you probably have more going on when you are not writing, then when you are fully immersed in the creation of your story. The tricky part is to find the time in your hectic life to sit and share what you are doing with the world, and to promote the calm non-stressed energy that the world thinks a writer emits… hehehe 🙂


In case I get busy 🙂  (I just checked my Friesens page, it says my books have shipped) I want to take a moment to Thank everyone for reading what I write, without you this would be a page of unseen words. I would also like to send a Smile and a Hug across the pond to Rachel Small, http://rachelsmallediting.com for her continuous remarkable work with bringing together the words in my little books, and a Hug and a Smile to Fiona Raven, http://www.fionaraven.com for adding her energy and expertise to the design of my books, Smiles and Hugs to Beth Kallman Werner, http://www.authorconnections.com for always being there with advice and support, Amy Collins, http://www.newshelves.com and her team of amazing ladies working with me to share my books with the world, The entire staff at Friesens Printing, http://www.friesens.com for making all of my books look incredible, and to Carrie Mumford, http://www.carriemumford.com for reading each book repeatedly, looking for mistakes that aren’t there, and finding them.


A huge Thank you goes out to the stores and shops that put my books on their shelves, their info is available on my webpage www.bawbsravenfeathers.com

As well as all the thanks and warm energy the wind can carry to all of the people in my life that walk with me on this path, support me and believe in me.


So you want to be a writer, then write, share your words with the world, send your smile out with the wind but always remember a book is the combined effort of smiles and energy shared right from start, the words that fill it, all the way to the end, the eyes that read it.








2 comments on “What happens in a writers life. . .

  1. Words of wisdom for every writer! I can’t wait to see Volume V, BawB! It’s such a joy to work with you.

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