You tell your friends, they tell their mates. . .

. . .you tell the world and then you wait.


So, you’ve done your research and your marketing, you have contacted distributors, and are uploaded for POD… now you wait. No, now you work to make sure everything you have done to this point, has been done right. You pursue every avenue again, remind the people you reminded 6 months ago that your new book is out there, plan some signings, and get yourself known again.


It’s a tireless pursuit of meaningful recognition, the dream, no, the goal, that if you work hard enough and send out all the right signals to the universe, one day someone will recognize you and say “hey, you’re the person that wrote the book I just read, it was awesome” and that will make all the effort worth it. I speak from experience as this recently happened to me, a young girl in a waiting room recognized me as “the writer guy” and I am still on top of the world. I may never sell a million copies of my little book, but if I can be recognized for the ones I do sell, then that is my success.


It feels some days like there is a Valley, no, a canyon, as grand as THE canyon between you and the rest of the world. You can tell all your friends, and they will tell all of theirs but that’s where it seemingly ends, then you stand on the edge, peering into the vast unknown. I have entered awards, and won, I have held giveaways and followed through, I have been on a book tour and got rave reviews, but no one is buying…yet, what is the next step? Is there a switch somewhere I haven’t thrown, is there a phrase I must utter while standing on one foot facing north? When I discover the way to build a bridge across that canyon I will let the world know, Indie Authors unite I will find the way, I will climb until I reach that very last step.


In the mean time, I will continue to write, and I will always enjoy what I have written, I have made a very fond memory of being “the writer guy”. I will recall it whenever I need a smile or some inspiration, and I hope to inspire as many as I can along this path to keep writing, and painting, sculpting and designing, keep doing whatever you enjoy doing because the world needs you, every one of you, to make it a little brighter for that one person that might recognize you one day.


In order to keep your smile bright you need to sharpen your idle mind

Connect your soul to your wildest dream and enjoy what you may find.








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