Once you focus on moving forward. . .

. . . it becomes your direction of choice.


I will be honest with the Universe today; I was worried that maybe all of my positive energy might not be enough to help me become successful as an Author. But I have learned recently that being successful is more the way you feel than the way you look. I have learned my little books have been used in programs to help inspire people, to point out to them their self-worth and give them strength to believe in themselves, and that in itself was enough to make my heart happy, but to bring even more light into my life, I have also learned that my life experience and my positive energy would be appreciated more if I would become a Facilitator, so after four and one half minutes of serious contemplation, I decided to jump into that new adventure, it feels like my calling.


So as of now my belief in myself is off the charts. Almost 3 years into this journey, I have five volumes of the first series BawB’s Raven Feathers published, paperbacks and e-pub editions being handled by a fabulous team of dedicated professionals at www.newshelves.com , a beautiful slip case designed to create a box set for the Hard Covers, and an award for best cover design, and what makes me the happiest overall is that my little books are making a difference in people’s lives, to me, that is being successful, that has made all of this effort worth every smile.


I will continue to move forward, my focus is fixed steady on the horizon, and I look forward to each new sunrise and each new adventure. Now in my dreams I see myself sitting in a room full of people, speaking to them, sharing with them my energy, and my belief in life, and if you knew me you would know that is a place I would not have believed I would ever be, but it is now a place where my energy should be, so that is where I will go. Sometimes a door opens to an opportunity and it is one you normally would have walked by because it was unfamiliar, well, everything is unfamiliar until you try it.


Am I successful as an Author? You bet I am! I feel like I have done the right thing, I believe writing these books was worth while for me and for those that read them, and that is all the success I need. Are you successful in whatever makes you happy? Of course you are! Because you are happy doing it, that is the biggest form of success, the reward you receive every day is the smile you share with yourself in the mirror, no one else has to see that smile, it is reserved for you to make YOU feel good, the world will then see the smile you share with them, and that makes them feel good.


Believe in you and what you do, is the secret to your success

Focus each day on feeling good and make every day your best.






2 comments on “Once you focus on moving forward. . .

  1. Such an inspiration! You should be so proud 🙂

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