When you send positive energy to the Universe. . .

. . .the Universe will send positive energy back.


As I have mentioned quite often I have always been comfortable just being me, I am happy when I am in the company of my Friends, Myself or even just the Wind. In the last little while however I have been walking on a different path, one which requires more of a presence, more of an outward approach to being me. I have published 5 Volumes of BawB’s Raven Feathers, I have done several Launches, several Signings, made several appearances, I have met so many incredibly talented and wonderful people, and still nothing could prepare me for how positive I felt when i saw this:




Alyssa Livolsi from New Shelves Distribution put this together for my little books, and on this virtual tour it is my energy out there, it is my essence, my smile, my happiness, it is a dream becoming reality and I am positive it is the Universe reflecting back my energy. It is also (and this is very important) the proof in just what can happen when you believe in yourself, when you are positive about what you are doing, and when you are patient in your search to find the right people to help you accomplish your goals.


If you have been following my posts you would know I had no idea what I was doing when this adventure started, I have not been trained as a writer, nor have I spent a lifetime reading. I simply had a desire to share my smiles and my positive energy and the only way I could do that was to turn hugs into words to convey my message. I found a path and I followed it, in fact I am still following it, and it seems to carry on over the horizon, so that’s where I am headed. Along the way, the people I have met that believe in me and in my books, will continue to show me it is good to have a presence, to stand up and be proud and to continue to share what I am learning along the way.


I am writing these blogs to share with you the good things that have happened in my life because I believe in myself, and I also write these blogs to convince you that you are just as deserving of all the positive energy and good things you can handle, if you send positive out to the Universe, the universe will send positive back.


Find a path and follow it, you’ll see where it will lead

Believe in you and staying true and practice to succeed.







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