Is it really the beginning of the end. . .


. . .if you are only in the middle of a dream.


I am in the final stages once again of publishing another of my little inspirational books, this one though is very special because it is the end of a series, this one is Volume V of BawB’s Raven Feathers. This particular volume was put together using more of my editors influence than the other four volumes, this one still has all of my heart, soul, smiles and hugs, but, it also means the world to Rachel, my Editor, because the content hit home for her.


When I say this is the beginning of the end, it kind of rolls off of my tongue like I’m comfortable with it, I’m not, because I don’t plan on ending anything. What I am doing is creating a box set of the first 5 volumes of my little inspirational book to share with the world, so this first series is ending, but then I am moving to a new project, and after that maybe the next five volumes of the BawB’s Raven Feathers Series VI – X, so it is not really the end of anything because I am only in the middle of my dream.


In case any of you are wondering, I have asked this question to many Authors I have met over the past couple of years; Do you ever get used to the excitement and anticipation of a new book being published? My answer to that is no, I am as thrilled and excited for this one as I was for all the others, more so for this one because my Designer Fiona Raven is also creating a slip case for the books as well, it will be as beautiful and thoughtfully designed as all of the books have been, and to her it will be very special because it is her first, and it is going to hold inside it all of the energy and inspiration the books carry with them.


I mentioned above that my Editor Rachel Small had more of a hand in putting this Volume together, that is because she let go of her anchors recently that were slowing her journey, she was living in the present with her positive thoughts, and she had the good fortune to change her mind and learn from her dreams and give her life all she’s got…my awesome editor moved to London! So not only did she have a huge part in ending this series with her positive energy but she also began a new adventure on a new path, oh, and yes she is still my Awesome Editor from across the pond with a whole new outlook on everything and if possible, an even brighter smile.


I do not believe I will ever be able to thank the people enough that have helped me bring this dream to a reality, this adventure is not just about the writing, it is about the mistakes, the lessons, the laughter, the support, the belief and the positive energy from the people I have met along the way, it is about sharing a smile with the world  and a tear of happiness with my friends. At the end of each day I thank you all for believing in me and for reading and sharing my words.


The morning sky of each new day is filled with a positive glow

Believe in beginning a new adventure and smile as you grow.






2 comments on “Is it really the beginning of the end. . .

  1. Well gee, BawB, now you’ve made me all weepy. It was such an absolute delight working with you on this volume, and I am over the moon excited to see the printed copy!

  2. Rachel I wouldn’t be here without you and everything you’ve done, Thank you so much for being you and doing what you do so very well… WI:)ND

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