Authors create the Books. . .


. . .that writers talk about.


I had the great pleasure of attending a book club meeting this weekend and I was in the company of four very amazing and very talented Authors. They are in the process of creating their books/novels/stories and this behind the scenes, or more appropriately, behind the minds look was incredible. I am called a writer, although after doing some research I discovered I am, more correctly, an Author because I write my own stuff, but for argument sake, I am a writer because writers write.


This group I was with meet once a month to chat about life, they catch up on events and share successes and they are filled with energy, there are no minutes, there is no agenda and certainly there are no rules that need to be adhered to, they are just in the same place at the same time being happy to be together. But remember I mentioned it was a book club, because they are also writers, they are creating books, and stories and they are good at it, of course they may not admit it to the general public yet, but for those that know them or are invited to share in the process, they are indeed very good at it.


What I took part in was an exchange of ideas, a critique of peers, a process where a passage was shared then opinions were offered. Each one had something to say because each one read parts of each others book, not just to be a part of the book club, but to be a part of the story, three or four pages, several paragraphs of a time and place, or as I found out, what could be several time frames and many places, and each of these four Authors knew exactly where and when each paragraph was, they have their own methods of maintaining an accurate account of where they left off, or should I say where the character is at any given time, and this in itself is quite an amazing achievement.


Yes, I am an Author, but that title is one given to many, it is a title that is given to those that can create people, and places with possible predicaments, or prose and poetry with positive persuasion, yes, an Author is a person that works with words, it takes a special talent to shape a word into a hug or paint a picture of a space that a reader can “see” with no effort at all. A writer is one that also works with words, one that creates something worth reading that brings enjoyment to readers.


You decide what you are, a Writer, an Author, a Poet or more simply a believer, all you have to do is pick up a pen and believe what you create in your mind is worth sharing, you will be surprised at how wonderful your work can be, or if you are as fortunate as I am, you will find others that believe in you and feel supported when you believe in them.



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  1. Elizabeth Lennox says:

    Excited to have been invited to follow your blog. I can see already I will be inspired to look through your window of the world. Liz Lennox

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