Patience is not just about waiting. . .


. . . it is also about believing.


I never would have believed my little books would ever go this far, if you would have asked me two years ago what my future looked like, I would have smiled and said one day at a time.


My recent giveaway on Goodreads just closed and I had over 500 people show interest in winning my recent hard cover edition of BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol IV, to me that is the most wonderful feeling you could ever imagine. To me it means that 500 people are interested in my energy, my smiles and my thoughts. To me that’s what writing is all about, sharing feelings, creating emotion and inspiration, creating a smile from inside and watching it spread to the world.


I say “to me” a lot because everyone is different, to some 500 may not be enough, to others it may mean nothing, but as I said, to me, it means the world. Moving forward I will take this positive energy and continue working on Volume V of the series, I will continue to think my thoughts of what’s next, and plan the pages of my next writing project. Possibly down the road there may be another 500 people waiting to share my smiles, so for them I will write my thoughts, my word, and share my smiles, one day at a time.


Thank you to Goodreads for helping me share my little books, and Thank you to all the people that entered the give away, I hope the winners enjoy reading my words and sharing my smiles. I hope my book family, the team of wonderful people that have helped me continue to create such beautiful books never tires of hearing me say Thank you to them, I don’t believe I can ever thank them enough.


To those of you out there that have just started to write, let your mind create, fill the pages with your words, fear not what may appear around that next bend, instead create the next bend, and the outcome, create your path then share it, find the people to answer the questions you have, use the tools others offer.


To those of you that have written your books and filled your pages with wonder, thank you for offering the tools I need to learn. Yes I am patient, yes I believe in me, and yes I will continue to work at sharing my thoughts with the world, because to me, the thought of a world full of smiles is worth smiling about.






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