From the first book to the next. . .


. . .the excitement never ends.


I have had the good fortune of publishing 4 Volumes of my inspirational book BawB’s Raven Feathers with a 5th not far behind and the excitement of receiving them never changes.


The anticipated day arrives and I get the call informing me the truck with my pallet on board is on it’s way. By the time it rolls up to the front of my house I have worn a path from anxiously pacing while I waited, the boxes take forever to unload, I hurry to stack them neatly in the spare room then I cut one open to see. Here it is again, my book, but not just a book , a combined effort of editing, proof reading, more editing, designing, more proofing, printing with a touch of perfection, bound, packaged and shipped to me.


No, the excitement will never end, I am too proud, too happy, too full of energy to ever let the real meaning of what I am doing slip away. Its not just a book, it is my dream, my thoughts and my energy condensed to ink and paper, to be shared and cherished by those that read it. It is filled with my smiles, one per page, it is my hugs to the world in words, it is the effort of my soul that I can hold in my hands.


Most importantly, it is my way to say I never gave up, I wasn’t a writer but I wrote, I am by no means a publisher but I have published, I have never thought my book would win but I share an award now with those that have. If you have a dream, live it, make it happen, share it with the world and feel the excitement. Have no expectations and you will not be disappointed, learn from going to others with questions then share what you learn with those that come to you.


I know I have said this many times before and I will say it again from my heart

You will never enjoy the thrill of trying until you cross the line marked start.



Have fun being you.



One comment on “From the first book to the next. . .

  1. Congratulations BawB!! Enjoy every moment of your success 🙂

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