While you are waiting for dreams to happen. . .


. . .you may miss the ones that are happening.


Today is a milestone for me, a day in which I can honestly say I have accomplished something I never dreamed I could do. Today I am writing my 100th blog page, yes I have sat and shared my thoughts with the universe (and anyone else that reads them) on 100 pages of text, each page filled with words, each page about nothing that meant much to the world but every page about something which meant the world to me.


I keep saying I am not a writer, and yet I write, I keep wondering what makes a good writer and I keep writing while I continue to wonder. It never occurred to me that I would be able to sit and compose a page about my life, nor did I think that the world was a place where people just like me enjoyed sharing their thoughts about their life. Two years ago was asked to start writing things on a blog page, “share with the world” they said, share with others that understand what you are writing. I found a very small part of a very big world, I found WordPress.com, a place where I could relax about not being a writer and I could learn from many others who were also relaxed about not writing.


It’s not just about the blogging however, it is about the dreams I/we share about writing books, the dreams that might one day come true, well, while I still may be dreaming of becoming a writer, what I have written is being read. BawB’s Raven Feathers is now an award-winning book being seen by readers who enjoy what I write, they enjoy the energy I share and they enjoy the design of the covers on my books. While I happily plunk away on the keyboard writing these pages and sharing my thoughts and my smiles, others are reading them and are now starting to share their reviews:


“Although I’ve never heard the author speak, I could hear what I imagined to be his voice in my mind while reading these words of wisdom. Turning the last page, I felt as though I had just finished sharing a moment with a friend.”…Libby.


This review is itself another Milestone in my life, it is the start of a new path, the path of a writer, the path of an adventure I never dreamed could take place, a dream I might have missed while I was waiting for dreams to happen.


I am a writer, a creator of questions a teller of tales, I have soared with the ravens and sung with the whales. I am a writer because I choose to agree that life has its moments and I share what I see.







2 comments on “While you are waiting for dreams to happen. . .

  1. Congratulations BawB! An impressive milestone 🙂

  2. Thank you Rachel, for your editing expertise, for your patience and for your support while I dream of becoming a writer. 🙂

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