Many paths present themselves. . .


. . . you choose the one you walk on.


I was in New York last week, attending the Next Generation Indie Awards and receiving an award, as a Finalist in the Best Cover Design – Non Fiction categorie. Was this a path I knew existed a year ago? Not a chance, this was a path I created for myself by believing in what I was doing and by listening to others that supported me and believed in me.


I am a writer, every day I sit at my Mac and I describe life using words to express what my heart feels, it’s kind of like explaining a color, but more the shade of a color in the sun. The believing in me part comes every morning when I see myself in the mirror and I smile back. That smile is my energy, energy that can be shared, energy that is in the wind as a smile shared with everyone. Now, me being in New York to receive an award for creating and sharing a book I wrote, that is something I am still trying to find the words to describe.


Let me first try to describe New York, Artsy, Alive, Alluring, Big, Busy, Beautiful, Captivating, Charming, Classy… Ok, well I guess there are words for that, but the event however took me to a level of pride and accomplishment that I have never been before, I’m sure if I searched the alphabet I would find a word or two, but feelings are a personal thing, we all feel differently and in this instance I felt overwhelmed and relaxed at the same time. The room was full of people just like me, they had all written a book, they all believed in themselves and what they are doing and they were all as proud as I was. I felt at home in a room full of wonderful strangers. It was such a pleasure to meet so many amazing people.


I am sharing this with you because I am like you, I write what I feel, I believe what I am doing is the right thing to do for me, and I will continue to do it because I enjoy it. If you are enjoying what you do, writing, drawing, singing, creating, then continue, express the you that is your energy and share it, send it to the groups and organizations in the world that appreciate and believe in you, listen to your friends that support you, if they say write a book then by all means write a book. Find an editor, share your work, take it to the next level don’t give up, don’t quit. Mom’s and Dad’s if your children want to express energy then encourage them, if they color outside the lines praise them for seeing a bigger picture, if they write you a story that doesn’t make sense use your imagination and praise them for sharing their words.


Don’t ever grow old because you can’t keep up on the path you are on, instead find a new path and set your own pace, write about life, write about color and feeling, write about what’s right in the world… then share it with a smile, because you can.


Believe in you…




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