You don’t need to be sleeping. . .


. . .to live in a dream.


I haven’t written for a while, because I actually thought I had nothing to write about. What I have learned recently is the best part of writing is having the ability to write about nothing at all and making it interesting. People are all different, millions of us inhabit a very small world and we all see things differently. What may not seem interesting to us personally may mean the world to some else, so I thought I would share what has been going on in my adventure.


I have created a new and different path for me, one that is shared by new people, interesting people, people with thoughts and opinions and knowledge of things which I never would have imagined I had an interest in. These people I am surrounded by are Authors and Editors, Proof Readers, Designers, Marketers, Distributors and Publishers, these people live and breathe books, and without these people a new writer can feel very alone in a very big world.


When I think about what I am sharing it really is big news for me, as Vol IV of the BawB’s Raven Feathers series is coming out soon, and the grandest news of all, I am a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Books Awards for Best Cover Design-Non Fiction. Believe me when I say there are no words to describe the absolute thrill of this achievement. The hardest part for me is writing about it, I still don’t feel like a writer, and yet here I am writing. I am no better than anyone else that has struggled with writing, I just believe in me, I believe in what I am doing enough that this came to be, that and a lot of hard work promoting myself and my books and learning new ways of how to get my books “out there”. I have learned that it doesn’t matter how many places your books show up on the interweb, if no one knows they are there they will not be seen or read.


The people I mentioned above, all of them, helped me, pushed me, guided me and they all believed in me. All of my Friends, my Facebook followers, my Tweet readers, all became the most important people in the world to me, because they all reflected back to me my inspiration and my energy. Each and every one of them will be standing there with me when I receive my award in NYC the end of may, and I believe each and every one of them will feel the pride and elation I will share with them as I continue my adventure.


If you are writing continue to write, if you have questions ask them, if you are unsure of what to ask then ask someone for direction. The world is full of people, people that have done, people that are doing and people that will do, wherever you fit in is where you belong right now, tomorrow things could change as long as you write…now.


Believe in you and all you do, start each new day with a smile

Measure successes in inches and feet, soon you’ve gone a mile.



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