What you think is a lull. . .

. . .is the storm you haven’t created yet.


I just got off the phone with my distributor. And boy am I excited! The company is New Shelves Distribution out of New York, and we are going to start working together closely and diligently to promote my books. Up until now I’ve been doing only 10 percent of what I thought was 100 percent, because I didn’t know then what I know now, and that’s this: just because your book or product is online somewhere doesn’t mean the public is going to see it. YOU have to market it.


I’m speaking for indie authors and artists because I have learned a little about the self-publishing world. Traditional publishing works differently—things are done for you, and you are told what to expect. Working independently, we indie authors need a lot of help getting started and then maintaining a consistent marketing approach. In my case, if all I wanted was a dozen stores to sell my hardcover editions, I would be doing fine. I wanted more—it’s a big world out there. So the decision was made to take the next step. I needed help.


I connected with Lyn Cadence of cadencepr.ca to help me promote my book locally, and, as I mentioned, Amy Collins from newshelvesdistribution.com to help me both on a grander scale of promotion and later with distribution. These two very important steps took me a very long time to come to grips with, as I hoped my little books would magically just start selling themselves all over the world. Well, not so much. In fact, they are only selling in the few stores I have them in because they can be seen there.


The blessing I will share with you all is the “family” I have working with me on this adventure. Without their support I wouldn’t be here at this level of “book awareness”: Rachel, my editor, Carrie, my proofreader, and Fiona, my designer. They give me all the help I could ever dream of having, and all are very capable, talented book people.


That, I suppose is the secret to moving forward, if there is one. When you get to a stage where you want to move forward, find the people who will listen, the ones who “get” what you are working on, and the ones who will support and walk with you on your adventure. Keep writing and keep believing that what you are writing, or for that matter, whatever you are doing, is what people want to see.


The pen is a weapon you hold like a sword—it can write whatever you choose.

It can turn your thoughts into a masterpiece and create unbelievable views.






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