Teaching is sharing. . .


. . . sharing is learning.

I was so thrilled and honored to be welcomed into a group of amazing ladies here in Calgary at The Further Education Society: http://www.furthered.ca.

The work they do is phenomenal. I never imagined my little book would ever be so welcomed or so useful to so many people—those struggling to find balance and focus, those learning to read, and those seeking inner strength and belief in themselves.

The ladies asked me if I would be interested in attending one of the many group sessions that are put together to bring people together.  The people in these groups sometimes need some inspiration—some help to guide them down a path of learning and self-recognition. I agreed, elated, as this is something I can speak to. I write my books from my heart, and the words and feeling I put into them come from many lifetimes of listening, and watching, and learning.  My words of inspiration are shared with positive energy, they are not intended to cure every broken heart or mend every tired soul (although I wish I could) but more to help individuals find their own light, and to help remind them just how wonderful they really are.

My words are smiles wrapped in hugs. They are life lessons I have learned along my journey. My spirit guide, the Raven, who has walked with me and shared my path, shares these words with me. He has taught me how to listen to the drums that call me to dance, how to recognize winds of change, and how to soar, high above the lands and sea, to a place where I can watch life happen.

As a new author, publishing my own work, I never know from one day to the next who will pick up my book, who will read it and simply enjoy the warmth of the smiles or start to amble down a path of self-awareness and in turn share a smile.

And I’ve never known from one day to the next if what I’ve been doing is worth all the work: until now. These women of the Further Education Society have been out there with the battered and the abused, the uneducated and the forgotten, and the new souls seeking the right way to just belong. To hear them say what a wonderful thing my little book is has put a smile in my heart that will last for many lifetimes to come, and a tear filled with warmth and caring in these grey eyes.

For all of you out there who aren’t sure if you are good enough or capable enough to do something meaningful, or to be successful, I say believe in you, believe in everything you do and know from this point forward that everything you do means something to somebody. Sometimes the smallest of efforts can change the way you look at life, and can change the way a life looks.

Believe in who you be, for the world may not know you exist, but being makes you a part of existence.



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