The hardest part about being seen. . .


. . . is knowing you have to stand up.


I spent the greater part of my life happily living in the shadows of society. By this I mean I was quiet, I kept my opinions to myself, I sat at the back of the room, or I found a spot on the wall that matched my attire so as to blend in. I watched life, I listened, I grew at my own pace and danced to my own drums. I was happy being among the shadows. I was here but comfortably not here.


Very recently I stood up, and now I stand in a tough world—the world of readers and writers, authors and editors, e-books and indie publishing—and this world is as strange and new to me as outer space is to a first-time astronaut. I have watched, learned, and listened; I have heeded others’ advice and have become comfortable with who I am and what I am doing: writing my books and sharing my smiles. The hardest part for me now is getting the word out, sharing my words and my smiles with more of the world.


I am excited to see that when I enter “BawB’s Raven Feathers” into a search engine, I find multiple pages that link to my little books, in multiple languages, on multiple sites. I am starting to believe that my little books are on tables and shelves in millions of homes. Okay, maybe hundreds, but I believe I can do more to share more. I have followed the advice of Beth from Author Connections and thrown myself to the world via Twitter (thanks Carrie), Facebook, WordPress, Goodreads, and Google. I have given away a few hardcover editions on Goodreads and sold many to the local populace of Calgary and surrounding area, but I can do more.


I chose to stand up, my work and my effort are being seen and noticed now. I am sharing smiles and words of inspiration with many, but I would like to reach more people. Iguana Books has gratefully offered to help in this adventure of mine by sending the winners of my next giveaway e-book editions of BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol III.  Because only two or three were able to receive a paperback edition of my book as that was all I offered in my recent giveaway, I am going to offer free copies of the electronic edition to 30 Goodreads winners, but—yes there is a but—I would be grateful if these recipients posted or sent me a review to help me get my words and my smiles out to the world.


To all of my followers and readers that are as new in this world of writing as I am, it is indeed hard to stand up, but once you do, the world sees you, and the work you are doing starts to get noticed.  Indie or traditional, once you publish the work doesn’t stop, you have done something wonderful for the world and you want the world to see it. Believe in You.

In order to see what needs to be seen, you have to stand and look.

The only way you can learn from sitting is by reading a good book.




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