Changes come easier. . .


. . .when we welcome their arrival.


And change I did, after a wonderful tutorial put on by Emily from Iguana books last week, I realized it’s time to start using the tools I have available. Since the beginning of this journey my focus has been centered on my hard cover books, I have been unable to think about my other editions, because I couldn’t “see” them, but I have seen the light (bulb), you know, the one that sits above your head and goes “bink” the moment you “get” something.

I have spent so much time working with and marketing my little hard cover book that I totally forgot about Iguana books doing such a fantastic job getting my soft cover and e-book editions ready for the world to see, trouble is, if I don’t help with the marketing the world will never see them.

So, off with the writers hat and on with the promoters cap, I will be working with Beth from Author Connections and Emily from Iguana books to spruce up my web page, change some keywords, learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and of course share with all who are interested on my blog page. One of the most important things I have learned in the last couple of days is to take advantage of over the shoulder advertising, what that means is, humans are inherently nosey, we all wonder what the next person is reading, and nowadays most people are reading from tablets. It makes sense then to promote the e-book edition of BawB’s Raven Feathers so more people will get a chance to read it and in turn inquire about the hard and soft cover editions.

I believe in the snowball theory, if you stand on the top of a mountain and roll a snowball down the hill it will pick up momentum and size as it rolls. With Vol III in the presses as we speak I am really excited to hold it in my hands, but I also have a new respect for Iguana and what they are doing for/with me. Brick and Mortar book stores are a beautiful thing, the energy inside them is exciting, and the smell of new books full of stories, adventures, wisdom and knowledge between their glossy covers draws us in, but, the way of the world is changing to the ease of a push of a button, with just a quick search done on Amazon a new book book can be downloaded to a tablet. It could be my book, why not get the word out, once people start sharing the smiles it is filled with, the sooner they will help spread the word. I have been receiving wonderful and kind reviews lately from as far away as Hawaii, I left some books behind on a recent holiday, and people have been sharing my smiles… Thank you all for reading my books, and thank you to all who have yet to read them.


Believe in you and what you do and live life with an open mind

Old school is fine but welcome change or you’ll get left behind.





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