Through the tunnel. . .


. . . I see the light.


How many things have taken forever, how many times have we wished away moments we will never get back? It would seem since I have become a writer, and yes a published Author, my outlook and my sense of time has changed. I find myself still wishing things would happen quicker, but at the same time I find myself still feeling the same wonderful anticipation and excitement when they don’t.


I am still so very new I this world of publishing, or more appropriately “ being published” that I am still learning every day. I was told right from the start that the world of writing is not a place for the impatient, nor is it a place for the timid. I have learned how to wait and I have also learned how to plan so the waiting seems less stressful. I have learned that the best way to find information is to ask for it, if you have a question then look for an answer.


I mentioned anticipation and excitement earlier, and yes It feels the same for Vol III as it did for the first Vol. I live through a period of apprehension, and anxiety, then self doubt and insecurity, which quickly changes to impatience and anxiousness, all for the arrival of a little book about inspiration and recognizing self worth, my god where is the irony in that? I was told not long ago by a friend of mine, (yes the same friend that helps me solve the worlds problems over coffee on Saturday mornings), that a cobblers kid goes barefoot. It’s true; I get so much enjoyment and good energy out of helping others believe in themselves and what they do that I actually forget to believe in myself some days.


So here I am again at the end of another tunnel, albeit a shorter tunnel than the last, but a tunnel non the less, still the light at the end, still the anticipation, and most important to me, still the self rewarding gratification that another of my little books is soon to hit the shelves. We are currently reviewing the proofs, then off it goes to printing, I planned to have it out by Christmas, no wait, I HOPED to have it out by Christmas, and with the help of my incredible “Book Family” we are going to be very close.


Stay tuned my friends and soon you will see

The arrival of BawB’s Raven Feathers Vol III

Believe in you and all you do and wear a smile of pride

For being you is a job you do so make that smile wide.





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