Whatever I do. . .

. . .I do for you.

Whenever I share a new blog post I always share it with my Facebook group, to keep everybody in the loop of my activities, my marketing pro Beth tells me all the time that if I don’t get the word out there about my book, no one will know it exists until they stumble across it on line, or are told by a friend. So I am learning as I go, that I am not just a writer, but I am also in sales, promotion, book keeping, marketing, stores and shipping, PR and quality control. Huh, so you want to be a writer,  well to be honest there is a lot of work involved, but if you believe in what you are doing then enjoy every minute of it.

The reason for this blog today is to share with you what I do on my Facebook page every morning, I write something inspirational to kickstart the day, my own quotes and sayings, rhymes and poems, the text behind my books, saved over the years, and this morning I thought I would share my Facebook status with my blog page, please feel free to amble on over and have a look, follow if you like or send a friend request, life is short, the world is small, we can never share enough smiles.

“I used to think how nice it would be in the old days with seer’s and sage’s, until just this morning when I googled my book and it showed up on 17 pages. All of these books I write from the heart, and soon it is true you will see, that with help from my team who are working so hard, soon I’ll present Volume Three. Ebooks and Soft-covers on line and Iguana, in 14 languages too, and of course there are hard covers you can ask if you wanna, I print them with love just for you.”




2 comments on “Whatever I do. . .

  1. barb kramer says:

    such moving and heartfelt words. I was able to read both volumes while in Honolulu Hawaii.
    You have a talent beyond writing .
    Your heart is gold and your hands spin it as ink on paper.
    Good luck my friend . I look forward to more volumes.

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