Wondering why I wonder. . .


. . .about where the time goes.


Here I am again, wondering where all the time went, seems like forever since I have posted a blog, and I’m sure no one else but me notices but it still crosses my mind. Life is busy and it gets in the way of most things, especially writing. I find it takes time to write, time that we think we don’t have.  So today I made the time.


This post is my attempt at some promotion, some good news for all the BawB’s Raven Feathers fans out there, Volume III is in the works, in fact it is in the capable hands of my designer Fiona Raven, www.fionaraven.com . I wanted to take this opportunity to remind all of the up and coming aspiring authors out there that what they think may only be a dream can in fact become a reality. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has something to write, we are not all writers, I certainly don’t feel like a writer, but we all have things to say and we can all share them.


I was recently a guest on a Blog radio program called “A Road Less Published” found here http://www.blogtalkradio.com/roadlesspublished/2013/11/07/road-less-published and yes I was terrified as this was my first “speaking” engagement, but I had the help and support of my Marketing Pro Beth Kallmen Werner of www.authorconnections.com and I was reminded that I was not speaking of things I knew nothing about, I was speaking about me and my little book. This show has grown over the last couple of months because of the information that is shared for new and self-publishing authors. If you need questions answered try having a listen Wednesday evenings at 8pm eastern.


My advice to you, or at least my words of inspiration, is to keep writing, keep reading and take the effort needed to find the answers to all your questions.


So, let me tell you now how wonderful and exciting it is knowing Volume III will soon be available, I already have people pre booking a copy in advance, and I want to share this positive energy with you.

Believe in you, believe in who you are, if you have a story to tell then write it down. Talk to an editor, this is your first step, because an editor is not just an unseen person that corrects mistakes, an editor is real person with knowledge and information, tips and tools, direction and support. It is because of my editor Rachel Small  http://freelancingtofreedom.com that my books came together as smoothly as they have.


Stay tuned for availability dates for BawB’s Raven Feathers Volume III, I will be doing a giveaway on Good Reads as well as something new andexciting for the launch.


Thank you for believing in me and for wanting to have a look.

Thank you all for reading my words and for opening my book





2 comments on “Wondering why I wonder. . .

  1. So honoured to be a part of your journey as a writer! 🙂

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