I wish I may,I wish I might. . .


. . . have more time to simply write.


For that matter, I also wish I had more time to read. After a long day of doing the PI thing, I get busy “decompressing.” The job demands me to be “on” for the entire shift. It may take hours for something to happen, but when it does, I need to shift from motionless to full sprint in no time flat, so I sit quietly, on edge, thinking of everything.


Mostly I think of how my books are doing out there. I recently received a status report from Iguana for June, and it was dismal. Book sales are practically nonexistent, but as I sat there in my mentally ready state, I thought of how wonderful it was that I had received a report about my books from a publishing company. Right then, I didn’t care that I hadn’t sold any books. I was more excited that my little books had been picked up by someone who thought that they had potential, someone I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting, someone with the knowledge and professionalism to recognize something good in self-published work.


Now, Sunday morning, 0530hrs, I finally have a chance to think about nothing. I am relaxed, and I have an opportunity to write about, well, thinking and writing. I also get a chance to read the blogs of other writers—some who struggle, some who don’t, some who give up, and some who won’t. It is such a funny thing, this writing bug. We all have something to share—a dream maybe, or just a story that fills our minds. Then we form the words, complete the sentences, and write. But are you still a writer if you never publish your work?


Yes. I believe that we are all writers, that we all have stories to share. Even those wonderful people who create instruction books for us dummies, or the moms who share recipes.  They think, and therefore they write. But I also think that it is belief in what you do that makes the difference. If you are dedicated enough, and lucky enough, and have time enough, and if you have the help of the right editors, designers, printers, and marketers, yes, if you have all these things, you will become exactly what you are: a writer who believes in what you write, and the world will get a chance to see it. If you are not “there” yet, keep writing, keep believing, you just never know what tomorrow may bring.


Our words will become the magic we share, it’s our way to thrill the crowd.

Our thoughts create images and feelings too, when we tell our tales aloud.





One comment on “I wish I may,I wish I might. . .

  1. Welcome back to the 9-to-5 workaday world, BawB. Just make sure you always save time for writing – the rest of us look forward to sharing your thoughts and tales!

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