It’s not just the path you walk. . .


. . . it’s also the direction you’re going.


I have found a new path, one that is taking me in a totally new and wonderful direction. However, it comes with a cost—my writing will suffer. Being retired has given me all the opportunity in the world to sit and write at a relaxed pace, but now that I have rejoined the workforce, life is a little more hectic.


Writing has never been a chore, but now, making time to sit down and focus for even five minutes seems daunting. So this is a new path indeed, one that is taking me away from something I love to do towards something I need to do. I will, of course, find a way to do both, and I’m sure most of you can share a tip or two about time management skills. The show must go . . . uh . . . I mean the book must be written.


Are you wondering what would take a retired writer away from the pages of unwritten thoughts? Well, it happens to be a path of intrigue and mystery, a chance to live in my own novel of the unexpected. I am now a PI; I spend my days answering the questions that need to be answered, finding the facts to fill the holes, and yes, sitting for hours and watching the world go by . . . waiting for something to happen.


I can’t think of a better way to fill my days. I’m sure you can imagine what goes through my head while on the job: the characters, the events, the pages of new unwritten material—but wait, is it just that I am remembering my heroes, Sam Spade and Thomas Magnum? Ah yes, the glorified images of racing around town in a Ferrari or sitting in a smoky bar with a whiskey, neat, while figuring out the latest clues.


I, however, am a poet of sorts, a lover of life. I see energy and share myself with the wind. What could I possibly gain from the antics of investigation? Well, aside from allowing me to hone the much-needed skill of “finding time,” this job is a new path to explore, a new adventure. It has inspired me to create even more unwritten thoughts about life, and it has reminded me how important it is to walk any new path that presents itself.


Life is too short to wonder if you can, or to wish you would have tried something new. Life is for living, and I will continue to live mine doing as much as I can to keep this smile on my face and to share it with the world—because, as I have mentioned once or twice, smiles are free and are very contagious.


It’s not just the path, it’s also direction—it’s the way in which you grow.

As long as you’re moving you’ve made a choice, so you should have a smile to show.

Believe in You.



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