For every beginning. . .


. . . there is an end.

With the recent passing of a very special soul in my world, I was left wondering about life and the things we consider important at any given time. I thought about  the things we choose to spend our time on. I thought about how we all begin our life stories the same way, and how many of us are oblivious to the end of them until they are upon us.

I choose to spend time writing about life —inspirational quotations and poems that come from my heart. Every day I share something different through a form of social media. I have no thoughts of a beginning or an end; my writing involves that which occurs in between. I looked today for something inspiring to share about life ending but could find only the following words, which are etched into my soul:  “For every beginning there is an ending, and for every story there must be a front and back cover—one to open and one to close.”

I realized while chatting with a friend that our lives are so busy, so involved with choices and options, so centered around success and failure that we (as humans) only take the time to think about the end of a life story when the story is completed, when the author of a lifetime has written his or her last words. That is the reality of an ending. We then usually take a moment to consider our own mortality—only a moment, however, and then we resume our hectic lives with the memories of a book that has closed its covers.

My life story began over half a century ago. I have not yet written a beginning, nor have I thought about an ending. I will, however, continue to write about life; I will inspire as best I can; I will share my thoughts about how important and precious life is; and I will share the sadness of those consumed with the inevitable ending of us all. But we must remember that we will never be gone, nor forgotten. Each life becomes a book that is placed on a shelf in the minds of those who had a part in it. Each life is a book that never grows old, and one that can be read over and over again.

One step, one day, one page at a time, we try to live by being free;

The stories of life that we have shared will soon become our legacy.



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