I feel the need. . .


. . . the need to read.


It is so awesome in this day and age that we can choose not only what to read but how we read it. Not long ago, before computers, Kobos, or color TV,  I read books—wonderful books: hardcover, softcover, some with pictures, some without but all with dog-eared pages (I cant imagine how they got that way). 🙂


I now find myself taking time each day to read about others. I follow many blogs, including those of people who follow mine. The world is a big place for sure, but somehow it is made smaller when I read what others share. We have nothing in common really, or do we, we share the same smile when we read, and the same desire to share our thoughts. I know that reading a blog is not like reading a book, but it is reading just the same, and to me it is the finest form of non-fiction available.


It didn’t take me long to realize there were people just like me out there—people with pages of words ready for editing. Everybody has something to write, and thanks now to blogging and social media, people are being heard . . . no wait, people are being read.


The beauty of this new age of convenience is that there are no excuses anymore for not reading. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the look and feel of a real book and the adventure it brings (and now I use a bookmark), but the readily available means of perusing what’s new in the world just makes reading more fun.


I discovered recently that because I was reading more I was also writing more and I had created a stack of words, pages of my thoughts on life, so I took that first step, the biggest step I would ever take, and I found an editor—not just any editor, but one who understood my thinking process. She had to understand it in order to put my thoughts together into a book that made sense, she did just that, and she will continue to work her magic on the volumes of my book that will follow.


I haven’t looked back. People are reading what I wrote in the past, and people are reading what I write here every week. Just think: you can learn about yourself by reading the thoughts of a stranger who thinks the same way you do.


Your life is yours to live each moment, however you see fit.

Expand those moments if you get the chance, and read a little bit.





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