So much to write. . .

. . . so little time.


I sit here every week and stare at a blank page, then I smile to myself and say, “Well, I could have been a rocket scientist.” This would have entailed doing amazing things at the drop of a hat, working with formulas written in Greek, and changing the explosive principles of combustible fuels. As it turns out, I am a learner, skilled in many trades, master of none. I can do things that make me smile, and I can smile at the things I do. And I find now that I am happiest when I sit here every week and stare at a blank page.


“We are all a work in progress,” says my friend Beth. Each of us is a blank page ready to be influenced by what we hear or read, stimulated by what we see or smell, and capable of expressing every emotion known to man. So to sit for a moment each week and see a clean, crisp, blank page in front of me is kind of refreshing. It is, I suppose, like looking in a mirror and seeing an expressionless reflection. As I reach for the keyboard, I must provide the reflection—what I did, how I felt, how I reacted to things.


Then I write. That’s what writers do (thanks Carrie). But we don’t all write the same way. Our blank pages are all different. Some are filled with adventure, some with lessons. Others create fictional characters, extensions perhaps of themselves. I write about BawB, a person I know very well, a person whom I am happy to be. I am my own character, the star of my own book. I am the reason for the blank pages and the creator of the words that fill them. “I am what I am ” Thanks Popeye.


It’s funny how the blank page fills so quickly with thoughts, and how our lives fill so quickly with memories. As I mentioned last week, the minutes that fill our lives should be filled with happiness. When we think back about where we have been, we should be able to fill in the blanks, the moments we cant remember, with a smile. You should be able to wake each day with a title page that says, “Today I choose to be happy, and my adventure continues.”


The words that fill your head to describe how you are feeling at any given moment can be edited by you, the author of your life. Fill your pages with positive words, aspirations, dreams, and goals; fill your life with wonder, then wonder how life will turn out.


Turn each page when you’re finished reading, but don’t forget what you’ve read;

For your story of life was written by you, and it should make you smile instead.






2 comments on “So much to write. . .

  1. lilycarmichael says:

    A lovely, inspirational post. I think we all forget sometimes just to smile, and that sometimes, just a smile can do a world of good.

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