There is always a light. . .


. . . if you can find the tunnel.


I have so often said that life can change in just one minute so mind the minutes in your life. We really have no insight into our futures, and our pasts are far enough behind us that they are now memories, so we are supposed live in the moment.


To actually live in the moment, however, we need to understand what the moment means; is it simply sixty seconds of life, or is the big picture contained in these sixty seconds? Is the moment more like a day or a week? Is it what affects only your life, or does the moment affect us globally? Close your eyes for just a minute if you can, then think of the seconds ticking by—count them if you’d like, in your head. I bet you can’t keep your eyes closed for exactly a minute. We have no solid concept of time, so how can we live in such a short piece of it, how do we live for the moment?


“Live FOR a minute” would be a better way of saying this, I think. Take that one minute to breathe, to focus, and to look for the proverbial tunnel, the one that shares with you a light at the end—a light of hope, for a moment, a way to see past a minuscule glitch in your life. The tunnel is your journey, the light is your life, for that instant. Then, live for the moments that follow. Each moment that passes a memory is created.


I have lived for many moments, and I will continue to live for many more. I will create many new memories with each one that passes. My journey takes me through lots of adventures and I have discovered many tunnels. I have found that the world always seems brighter when you reach that light at the end of those tunnels.


I believe we need to see life for the wonderful moments that are in it and I believe in us as human beings; I believe that there is hope for the human race, despite the pages created on social media that refute this. I have seen people take a moment to reach out to others, I have seen moments of kindness and support and I have seen moments of sadness and despair replaced by moments of hope. I have seen what a moment filled with a smile can do.


Live your life with no regrets, make sure your efforts are true

Believe in what a moment could hold because it’s held for you.







6 comments on “There is always a light. . .

  1. Yoga always reminds me to live in the moment, but it’s not an easy thing. The idea of living “for” a moment helps put things into a new perspective! 🙂 Thanks for your words. Beautiful photo as well.

  2. Heather says:

    Wonderful post!

  3. Living in the moment is something like “Easier said than done”.
    My personal funda of living in the moment is stopping every now and observing what is happening around you. This helps a lot to understand the concept of “present moment”. 🙂

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