Are you really where. . .


. . . you want to be?


I find myself where I never thought I would be, and at the same time I find myself in a very comfortable place. There has been some controversy of late between myself and two of my friends. They deem me to be a writer, a published author, and a man with much to express. I argue, fondly of course, that I am just a BoB with ideas about what life can be when you simply believe in who you are.


These friends I speak of are also my editors, my business associates, and the reason my little books look so awesome when they go to my design pro, Fiona Raven. I am lucky enough to have found two of the best, but it doesn’t stop there. I have a third friend who is also an editor extraordinaire and a marketing guru. These people are professionals in their fields, and they are also human; they love to laugh, to read, and to experience life.


I guess what I am trying to say here is that if you are a writer, or if you are like me and consider yourself a “wroter” (someone who has already written what you need to share), then I urge you to find an editor who understands your work and vision. Editors are people with keen perception; they should be able to “see” what you have written, “feel” what you felt when you wrote the words, and “get” what you want to do with your writing.


I have just published the second book in a series, and I couldn’t have done it without my editor friends.  Actually, they are closer than friends—they are my book family. I listen to them, I respect them, I admire them, and I get the same support and respect in return.


I am where I want to be, I believe in who I am, and I believe the words I share reach the hearts of those who read them, which in turn creates warm energy in me, a ripple effect of balance and calm. I urge all of you out there to continue what you believe in, continue being you, write to your hearts’ content, then take it to the next level. Talk to someone about sharing your words. Don’t settle for just anyone, find someone who will work with you. For every book there is a reader, and behind every word ever written there is a person with a pen and a thought worth sharing.


To remember a memory is just not enough, you really need to share;

Paint with words your picture of life, make the readers want to be there.





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