Sometimes there are no words. . .

. . .only a smile and positive energy.

There are moments in life that stand out more than others, I have tried to live every moment of my life with no regrets, I would of course do some things over if I could, but I appreciate every lesson I have ever learned even the hard ones. Each moment I spent growing up I never imagined I would ever amount to anything really important. I was always just very happy being me, making my own path, where ever I went- there I was.

I write because it makes me happy, I share a smile because usually it makes someone else happy, I can now share my writings and my smiles at the same time. Thank you Greg Ioannou and Iguana Books.

There are no words I can write to express my feelings at this point. Is it enough to say I couldn’t be happier? I am smiling as I type these words and with you I share my positive energy.



BawB’s Raven Feathers at Iguana Books

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